Good Vibes with MJR - You had the Power all along

The Surprise Benefits of a LinkedIn Coach

Good Vibes with MJR - You had the Power all along

A quick trip down memory lane

One of my favourite childhood memories was watching The Wizard of Oz with my grandma. I lost count of the number of times we watched it and I can’t believe the videotape didn’t break. Yes, I’m showing my age 😃 No schmancy remastered version for us.

As a child, I loved it for the songs I could badly sing along with, the bright colours and of course, the happy ending. What I didn’t realise at that time, but would later as an adult, was the many life lessons contained in this classic story.

Travelling along the yellow brick road together with Dorothy, we see that she searches in all the wrong places looking for answers. Spoiler alert – she had the answers all along (oh, come on, there can’t be anyone left that hasn’t seen it yet?)

Do you feel on LinkedIn that you do the same? There can be conflicting or contradictory advice that seems to work for others, but in your gut, you know it’s not right for you, or you may be paralysed in the background. Digitally invisible.

Benefits of LinkedIn Coaching

I had an epiphany last week and truly understood the power of working with experts in their field. On one side, I was the coach and catching those lightbulb moments with my clients. The flip side, more powerful, was me being on the receiving end of some amazing unofficial coaching from Michelle Griffin – Branding Strategist. (You should follow her too! Tell her I sent you.)

I’m fiercely independent and pride myself on always being able to “figure stuff out”. So I wanted to re-write to reflect my business of today. Since I write a lot of content, I figured it shouldn’t be that hard. Yet, in reality, I have avoided it for months.

The truth was, I didn’t know the best way to write for a website. I didn’t have clarity on my messaging. I am not trained in web design. I was doing a disservice to my business by not getting expert guidance, and who knows what new business opportunities were missed.

The short session and expert guidance got me unstuck and jumped ahead, leaps and bounds in the right direction.

How LinkedIn Coaching can help your small business -

  • Cheerleader – there for your success on the good and the bad days,
  • Empathy – understanding that the LinkedIn journey is different for everyone,
  • Independent advice – an outsider’s perspective can often uncover blind spots to growth,
  • Clarity and Peace of Mind – know with certainty you are on the right path,
  • Efficiency – get more out of LinkedIn in less time.

I’m not smarter than you, but I’ve spent 8 years on LinkedIn learning, growing from mistakes, researching and building a community of experts to stay up to date. If you run a small business you don’t have time to waste making mistakes. MJR

Good Vibes with MJR - Yellow Brick Road

How The Right LinkedIn Coach Can Bring Your Business More Success

My magic doesn’t come through a wand (although I have always kept one on my desk), it is through my superpower of being able to bring the best out in people. I combine logic, empathy and the ability to hear what is said behind the unspoken words.

Hands up; who is with me when I say the hardest thing to sell is yourself? ✋🏻 Another one of my superpowers comes from the experience of a 15+ year extremely successful career in sales. I’m highly skilled at finding unique selling properties of products, services, people, and companies. I can help you define yours.

At Good Trading Co, our process is designed around getting the best out of your business.

  • Align your LinkedIn strategy with your business goals
  • The LinkedIn strategy is also tailored to your resources available
  • Identifying and working to your strengths to make the process enjoyable
  • Sharing LinkedIn knowledge to fast track success

Learn more about the G.T.C LinkedIn B2B Strategy.

Good Vibes with MJR - Ruby Slippers

If you are looking for a LinkedIn trainer that knows and believes you “always had the power in you” and can’t wait to bring the best out in your small business – that LinkedIn trainer is me!

I’m looking to work with business owners and their teams who are out to be the best at what they do. They are committed to making a difference in their chosen field and prefer to lead not follow.

You bring the subject matter expertise and we’ll combine that with my LinkedIn expertise and make sure you shine online to attract high-quality opportunities.

Got a few questions and want to know more? Book in here.

Wishing you All Good Vibes for the week ahead.



Michelle J Raymond

Michelle J Raymond is the Chief LinkedIn Strategist at her company Good Trading Co and a founding member of the LinkedIn Small Business Advisory Council for LinkedIn Pages. Michelle specialises in helping small to medium business owners make a real impact in business. As a leading global authority on LinkedIn Pages, her passion is to change the world by doing good business with good people.

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