The LinkedIn Branding Book: by #MichelleSquared, Michelle B Griffin and Michelle J Raymond, is now available on Amazon in Kindle paperback and full-colour hardcover editions. PLUS, a 50-page action-taking companion, Brand Squared Workbook™ is included with the book.

Dear Reader,

This isn’t an ordinary branding book or business book, for that matter. The LinkedIn Branding Book is more. This compilation is our invitation to support you in investing and profiting from your unlimited potential through the power of LinkedIn.

Inside, you’ll discover the power of putting yourself out there and the foundational branding steps you need to stand out and rise up on LinkedIn, either as an employee or a business.

Think of #MichelleSquared as empowering yet straight talk experts, guiding you to build a personal or business brand that is uniquely and proudly yours.

The LinkedIn Branding Show, our highly regarded weekly podcast, comes to life on these pages. You’ll find interactive episodes with actionable takeaways threaded in with the stories and lessons that will deliver real results. Throughout, you will be guided by our personal perspectives, our decades of sales and marketing knowledge, and our first-hand experiences building LinkedIn brands on a global scale.

The LinkedIn Branding Book is here to fast-track and ensures your success. You can skip the mistakes we made, avoid frustration, and move forward confidently and convincingly with your refined LinkedIn personal and business brand.

Come along for the journey with the Power of #MichelleSquared, the Power of LinkedIn and the Power of Good Brands and Good Businesses.

If you want to invest in your and your business’s success, we wrote this book for you.

Michelle B Griffin & Michelle J Raymond
AKA #MichelleSquared

THE POWER OF TWO: Meet The Authors

Michelle B Griffin and Michelle J Raymond met on LinkedIn through the power of commenting in December 2020. Together they have supported each other with complimentary yet different strengths to rise up and stand out on LinkedIn with their personal branding and business branding businesses. Both quickly realized that the “Power of Two” as #MichelleSquared was a force for good that would propel success more than what was possible on their own.

The LinkedIn Branding Community was launched in early 2022 as a LinkedIn Audio show followed by their podcast and book that showcases their Brand Squared System™ methodology to pay these lessons forward. Their mission is to bond together powerful and impact-driven professionals who are building successful brands and businesses to rise up and stand out on LinkedIn and beyond.

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