Tips to Stand Out for Over 50’s on LinkedIn

Episode Overview There is a powerful group on LinkedIn that have a wealth of experience and knowledge from within their industry. Yet they didn’t have the benefit of growing up a digital native. For those that go it alone as a consultant, it can make you doubt your expertise in an online world where everyone […]

LinkedIn Company Pages Update

LinkedIn Company Pages Updates You Need to Know (April 2022) – Featuring Global LinkedIn Pages Expert Michelle J Raymond – Podcast Show Notes

Episode Overview Want to know about the latest updates to LinkedIn Company Pages for Q1 2022? They are coming through thick and fast and every business owner, social media agency, and LinkedIn Company Page administrator needs to know these.  Host Michelle J Raymond answers your questions about the latest changes. Giving you not just updates but […]

LinkedIn Company Page Updates - Q1 2022 with Good Trading Co

LinkedIn Company Page Updates – Q1 2022 with Good Trading Co

Here we go again. Another round of LinkedIn Company Page updates. They keep on coming thick and fast. The LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team have been flat out bringing us new features that will continue to increase the ROI on your time invested in your LinkedIn Company Page. LinkedIn Pages Updates Q1 2022 A quick summary […]

Linkedin Pages Update – February 2021

COVID-19 sent the world into WFH mode overnight. These new LinkedIn Pages features are designed to help Linkedin members adapt to this new virtual environment. They are working to foster connections with employees, customers, partners & brand advocates. With lockdowns and travel restrictions at various levels globally, now more than ever we are craving human […]