Create a LinkedIn Company Page. Made Simple.

LinkedIn Create Company Page – Made Simple

Creating a LinkedIn Company page can be simple following these steps and and handy tips.

The process can be done quite quickly and is always something we recommend you refine over time.

1. Create the LinkedIn Company Page

  • Log into your personal LinkedIn account on a desktop computer.
  • Click on the “Work” waffle in the top right hand corner.
  • From the drop down select “Create a Company Page +”.
LinkedIn Company Page Set Up 1
HINT: Page can’t be created on a mobile device.

2. Select which type of business is appropriate for you

  • Click on the icon that best describes your organisation.
  • Showcase pages can only be added after the company page has been set up.
  • Educational institutions are slightly different as they can showcase their alumni.

3. Complete your Page Identity

  • Complete your business name. LinkedIn will automatically create your LinkedIn public URL.
  • Include the link to your company website.
HINT: If your business name is ambiguous, consider adding what you do to the end of the company name.

4. Company Details

  • Select industry from the drop down.
  • Company size is selected from the drop down list.
  • Company type is also selected from the drop down list.
Create a LinkedIn Company Page 4
HINT: If your industry is not listed you need to choose next closest option.

4. Profile Details

  • Choose file and upload your logo. Noting recommended size of 300 x 300px.
  • Tagline – powerful 120 characters. It can do wonders for your business. Invest time here to communicate your brand promise in a clear, concise, and memorable way.
  • Check the verification box and then click create page.
Create a LinkedIn Company Page 5
HINT: You can use Squoosh to resize logo.

5. Cover Image – Free Advertising Space

  • Click on the pencil in the top right hand corner to edit.
  • 1128 x 191px is recommended size.
  • Canva has free templates you can use to create.
  • This is your opportunity for your business to stand out. Make it clear and obvious what you do.
  • We recommend that you add in your best contact details to make it easy for prospective clients to contact you.
  • This will always be a worthwhile investment to get professionally done.
Create a LinkedIn Company Page 7
HINT: Make sure the cover image created factors in the logo positioning .

6. Build your Page

  • Each block will disappear as you complete the various action cards.
  • Click on “Add” to complete each section.
  • Important to complete each section.
Create a LinkedIn Company Page 6
HINT: LinkedIn Completion Metre Will Disappear When Tasks Are Completed On Each Action Card.

7. Tagline

  • Make sure this is completed in line with your mission statement or company slogan.
  • Reflect your company personality. Yes LinkedIn is a professional platform but it doesn’t need to be boring.
HINT: Try a few different taglines to see which is best.

8. Custom Button To Display

  • First select one of the following custom button names from the drop down box – Contact Us, Learn More, Register, Sign Up, Visit Website.
  • URL – make this targeted. You don’t want the potential client directed to the wrong place on your website. eg Contact Us – direct link to the contact us page and not just your home page.
HINT: The URL needs to be the exact page you want to direct followers to.

9. Provide Details to Display

  • Description – this is your opportunity to share in more detail what services or products you offer.
  • You have 2000 characters available. Use them wisely.
  • Layout should be easy to read. Spaces between paragraphs will help.
HINT: Keep the description clear and concise.

10. Company Locations

  • Click on +Add a Location.
HINT: You can enter multiple locations.

11. LinkedIn Company Page Hashtags

  • Click on + Add a Hashtag and enter the three you have selected for your business.
  • LinkedIn will from time to time invite you to comment on trending topics using these hashtags. This will build your business credibility and authority.
HINT: Research the most popular hashtags for your industry. 100K Followers +

12. Add LinkedIn Groups

  • If your company also has a group set up add this information here.
HINT: LinkedIn groups aren’t very popular. OK to skip this.

13. Company Page Languages

  • Click + Add a language and add accordingly.

HINT: If your company operates in multiple languages let people know.

Congratulations you have now created your LinkedIn Company page.

Ask your employees to update their personal LinkedIn profile to reflect their employment as per the new LinkedIn Company page. This is done in the “Experience” section.

Having employees shown as employees on the LinkedIn Company page is really important, as when you create content you can “Notify Employees” through the admin page.

This will notify them there is a post to engage with. Encourage them to do so within two hours of receiving this notification to boost reach.

Before you start posting content we recommend you read our guide on how to get the best out of social media marketing.


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