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When it comes to LinkedIn, B2B professionals are often swamped with misinformation. From empty “growth hacks” to fleeting trends, the challenge is to discern what truly works.

With LinkedIn being the No1 place for B2B growth, missteps cost time and can also mean missed opportunities. Enter the LinkedIn for B2B Growth Podcast with Michelle J Raymond. 

A trusted professional source, this podcast offers:
• Proven B2B strategies to master LinkedIn Social Selling.
• Blueprints to build and nurture a vibrant LinkedIn B2B Community.
• Guidelines for building LinkedIn Personal and Business Brands.
• Protips for creating compelling B2B LinkedIn Content.
• Actionable tips to get your employees active on LinkedIn.

With weekly sessions featuring global B2B experts, we share proven strategies and actionable tips to help you maximise your time on LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn for B2B Growth Podcast is fully accessible with video + subtitles and audio + transcript.  https://linkedinforb2bgrowthpodcast.com/


The LinkedIn Branding Show podcast empowers entrepreneurs, experts, and businesses on how to use personal and business branding on LinkedIn to win dream clients and land industry opportunities outside of the often talked about LinkedIn clichés.

Join your hosts, Michelle B Griffin and Michelle J Raymond, aka #MichelleSquared, for fun and real conversations plus actionable takeaways with a community of powerful and impactful professionals looking to grow with a “good together” approach to personal and business branding on LinkedIn and beyond.

This podcast is expanded in a best selling book “The LinkedIn Branding Book”. Grab your copy on Amazon today. 

The LinkedIn Branding Show Podcast is available on all major podcast players.

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