Do It Yourself LinkedIn Training

The Good Trading Co LinkedIn Training Masterclass will teach you how to minimise the time you spend and maximise the opportunities you attract. Perfect for those that are looking for a confidence boost.
The Masterclass is designed to deliver not only what to do but also why you should do it. If you don’t understand the why it is easy to overlook the what.

What is Social Selling?

What is Social Selling and why do you need it?
What isn't Social Selling?
Is Social Selling the same as Content Marketing?

How to Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn?

Effective personal branding will differentiate you from the competition and allow you to build trust with prospective clients, suppliers and potential employers.

Whether you're an employee or entrepreneur, cultivating a personal brand has become more important than ever.

LinkedIn Algorithm – Use it to Your Advantage.

The LinkedIn Algorithm will always change.
Understand it and it can work for you.
What is the latest best practice that will help boost your reach?

Best Way to Grow LinkedIn Connections Fast?

Connections are the corner stone of LinkedIn. The more you have the better but it takes effort. Let's minimise the amount of time you spend on this critical step.

LinkedIn Comments - Your Secret Weapon

Often there is so much focus on creating content that the importance of comments on LinkedIn is often overlooked.

You will learn practical tips on how to attract comments to your posts. Understand the power on sharing your comments with others.

LinkedIn Content Best Practice 2021

What type of content maximises reach?
Posting frequency and timing for best performance.
The importance of layout and formatting.

Linkedin Company Pages – Boost your Followers

Practical steps to ensure you grow your followers as quickly as possible.

LinkedIn Analytics

Analytics are important to understand if your strategy is working.
Review the data to refine your content strategy and get better results.

Who Should Do This Course?

You are someone that is keen to take a hands on approach.

A marketing team who would like to learn how to specialise in LinkedIn content marketing.

Sales professionals that want to stand out and adapt to modern selling methods for digital buyers.

Small to medium business owners looking to boost company awareness, build industry authority and attract revenue opportunities.