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When it comes to LinkedIn Pages, sometimes it can feel like the proverbial uphill battle. The LinkedIn platform currently reaches 900M+ members and 60M+ LinkedIn Company Pages, and the level of effort to stand out is becoming increasingly difficult. For Company Pages especially, not being shown in the Home feed often requires additional effort.

1.5B Interactions LinkedIn Pages - Good Trading Co

Yet still, there are 1.5 billion interactions each month that occur via LinkedIn Pages. Taking a share of these interactions for your business is possible for those who make it a priority in their LinkedIn B2B Strategy. Not all industry opportunities are created equal. 

Many industries are in the early stages of exploring LinkedIn as a platform for social selling. As such, there is a much bigger opportunity for those companies that start building their presence via their Company Page sooner rather than later.

If you haven’t set up a Page for your business, we have written a handy guide for you. It will take around fifteen minutes, and best of all, it’s FREE. Good Trading Co -Create a LinkedIn Company Page Made Simple (2022)

Pay attention to SEO for your Company's LinkedIn Page

There are two search engines specifically we are referring to when we talk about SEO for your Company Page – LinkedIn and Google. Having a strategy to get discovered both on the LinkedIn platform and off is important. In today’s world, we type into Google any question we want to be answered. Almost instantly, we are given an abundance of information in return. Yet rarely do we go past the first page of results. The same applies to LinkedIn search results.

These search engines work around “keywords”. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of keywords, this article is a great resource “What are Keywords and How Do You Use Them.” Put simply, keywords are what users type into search engines to find information on a topic.

The emphasis is on what “users” type, not what you think they type. The best way to discover this is through customer research. MJ Smith was a recent guest on the LinkedIn for B2B Growth podcast and shared her framework you can implement in your business.

As an example, do users, when they search, try “LinkedIn Pages”, “LinkedIn Company Pages”, “Company Pages”, or maybe even “Business Pages”?

When you have clarity around what your ideal clients are using in their search terms, you can build your Page on this foundation, supported by content that uses the same keywords and reinforces the message.

SEO for LinkedIn Company Page - Tagline

The LinkedIn Company Page tagline is found just below the Company Page name and is a total of 120 characters long. Be sure to include your keywords here. This will help the LinkedIn algorithm determine if your Company Page is relevant to the search term.

SEO for LinkedIn Company Page - About Section

In our experience of auditing Company Pages, the About section is consistently the one that has been given very little attention. It is often skipped over with good intentions of returning to it later. Later never comes.

Google picks up the first 156 characters in this section as your Page’s description, so use them wisely. You have a total of 2000 character spaces, and we encourage you to utilise as many of them as possible. This would include your contact details to remove friction and make it easy for people to reach out.

"Sprinkle your keywords in the About section. Remember, we are always writing for humans and not algorithms."

SEO for LinkedIn Company Page - Completed Page Set Up

A benefit to going back and checking that your Page set-up is 100% complete is that you will receive 30% more weekly views. Find out more about best practices here – “Pages that are complete get 30% more weekly views.” Check for broken links, outdated information or ways that you can really clarify your services and how they are different to your competitors.

The CTA button is another easy way to drive more traffic to your website. For Good Trading Co, our aim is to get people to reach out and “Contact Us”, as shown below.

CTA Button - Contact Us - Good Trading Co - LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn Company Page Content Indexed by Google

To improve the discoverability of your Company Page off LinkedIn via Google, you must create content formats indexed by Google. Two options available are LinkedIn Pages Articles or LinkedIn Pages Newsletters. (Good for Business Newsletter).

The same advice applies here: write for people, not algorithms. Your company is uniquely positioned to create original industry-leading articles that show brand thought leadership. The articles written based on keyword research should be valuable for your target audience.

What challenge is your audience having? Where do you see your industry going? What are the challenges and trends your business has identified?

SEO for Your LinkedIn Company Page is Your Competitive Advantage

Brands have a real opportunity to drive conversations on the platform on industry-relevant topics. Make sure it’s your brand leading the conversation and not your competition! No prizes for second as my mum would always say (competitive much?)



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Michelle J Raymond is a LinkedIn B2B Strategist and Trainer at B2B Growth co and a founding LinkedIn Small Business Advisory Council member for LinkedIn Pages. Michelle specialises in helping businesses to create a LinkedIn strategy aligned with their business goals for results. As a leading global authority on LinkedIn Pages, her passion is to change the world by doing good business with good people.