Linkedin Pages Update – February 2021

COVID-19 sent the world into WFH mode overnight. These new LinkedIn Pages features are designed to help Linkedin members adapt to this new virtual environment.

They are working to foster connections with employees, customers, partners & brand advocates.

With lockdowns and travel restrictions at various levels globally, now more than ever we are craving human to human interaction.

Advocates for personal branding shout there is no place for LinkedIn Pages (also formerly known as LinkedIn Company Pages) on the platform.

More than just a logo, at Good Trading Co we have always been a firm believer that companies too need to form meaningful connections with potential clients and raving fans.

The new LinkedIn Pages features are heavily focussed on fostering connectivity, but they could also help brands and businesses in generating higher a conversion rate.

My Company Tab

This new tab will integrate the best of features by Elevate into Pages. For the unacquainted, LinkedIn Elevate combines algorithmic recommendations and human curation, to equip employees with a stream of relevant content they can share.

Similarly, admins can curate content through a ‘Recommend’ tool and encourage employees to reshare it through the new ‘Content Suggestions’ tool.

The new Analytics feature would aid admins in measuring the reach and impact and more of such metrics to scrutinize the employee advocacy program.

Current Elevate customers can also access employee verification, available for free on all Pages with more than 10 employees in the coming months.

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Product Pages

Product Pages, the tab where businesses, consumers, and experts can come together to discuss a product and share feedback, now also produce Lead Gen Forms.

Whenever a user would click on any of the products in the tab, the feature will generate pre-filled forms populated with a member’s LinkedIn profile data.

The pre-populated in-app form can be submitted instantly by the user if they want to learn more about the product.


LinkedIn Stories was first only available for members but it has now been launched for Pages, enabling brands and businesses to share ephemeral light content, along with promotional updates.

Sharing unfiltered moments such as BTS (behind the scenes) of a product shoot, educational content, timely information, thought leadership, and using the Swipe-Up feature can help in redirecting users to the e-commerce websites and aid in generating increased sales.

This is the second round of big changes in LinkedIn Pages in 2021. We believe there will be continue to be more as LinkedIn also works to increase the ad spend by companies on the platform.

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