LinkedIn Masterclass Supporting Ukraine

LinkedIn Masterclass for Ukraine with Lea Turner

LinkedIn Masterclass Supporting Ukraine

I wanted to write this newsletter whilst the high of the last week is still fresh in my mind. The LinkedIn community has come together in ways that have blown my mind. I have been moved to tears, filled with pride and wanted to share this with you all.

LinkedIn Masterclass for Ukraine Fundraiser ​

Last Saturday night I was scrolling through LinkedIn and noticed a post by Lea Turner. She was moved by the events in Ukraine and wanted to do something to make a difference. The idea of the LinkedIn Masterclass was born.

A quick comment volunteering my Company Page expertise if it could help set off a chain reaction of amazing events all week.

It would be a LinkedIn Masterclass with all donations being given to Chris Lomas for his charity work through Hope4 to help the people of Ukraine.

My request – grab your tissues and watch this video before finding out more about the event that has at the time of writing raised AUD $70K in 10 days !!!!

I’m not crying, you’re crying. I’ll keep going…

Lea then enlisted other experts from around the world –

  • Michelle J Raymond – 10 Tips To Grow Your Company Page Fast
  • Ariel Lee – Give Engagement to Get Engagement (networking karma)
  • John Espirian – Sending Personalised Connection Messages and Direct Messages
  • Andy Foote – LinkedIn Audio, Newsletters and Hashtags
  • Richard van der Blom – 3 Strategies to Boost Your Business
  • Lea Turner – How to Be Recognisable and Unforgettable to Your LinkedIn Network

If you missed getting a ticket beforehand, we have some good news. You can buy the recording below and funds will continue to be donated as ongoing support.

Click on the image below to go straight there. 

There is a lot (understatement of 2022!) of value in these 90(ish) minutes. We all wanted to make sure that anyone that attended got a return on the ticket sale above and beyond what they could imagine.

If you wish to recognise this with a further donation, you can do so using the link below –

Here's what I want you to know about Chris Lomas and Hope4.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Chris under the worst imaginable circumstances as he and his team help on the ground the Ukrainian refugees in Moldova.

He is a man that seeks no praise. He is also not someone that can sit in an office and not get out amongst it. Whether it’s providing food, shelter, heating for the hundreds of migrants he is there on the ground.

There is something that instantly connects you with his warmth and genuine humility. I have made a friend through this process that most likely I will never meet.

“If you are worried about where your donations will be spent – don’t be. You will follow the progress with constant updates on LinkedIn.” MJR

A special thanks also to Alexander Soame and the team at The Enterprise Collective for volunteering their support to run the Zoom event seamlessly when it continued to grow beyond our expectations. THANK YOU!

I also wanted to share how I was feeling about the whole situation and what was happening on LinkedIn. Click on the image to read the post that really was a reflection of the different ways people reacted to what happened with the invasion of Ukraine. 

The simple answer is – everyone reacted so differently. Say something, say nothing, take action, pause and reflect. There was a lot to unpack and there is no right or wrong. Just a lot of processing in real time. 

To every person that has liked, shared, tagged, bought a ticket for themselves, bought a ticket for someone else, made a donation we all say THANK YOU!

Lea – you are amazing for setting these wheels in motion and pulling off a flawless event and raising more money than you imagined. I appreciate being able to contribute and play a part.

My motto is always “Do Good Business with Good People”. This week just showed me how much I’m surrounded by this in my LinkedIn community. #gratitude



Michelle J Raymond Good Trading Co LinkedIn B2B Strategist

Michelle J Raymond is the Chief LinkedIn Strategist at her company Good Trading Co and a founding member of the LinkedIn Small Business Advisory Council for LinkedIn Pages. Michelle specialises in helping small to medium business owners make a real impact in business. As a leading global authority on LinkedIn Pages, her passion is to change the world by doing good business with good people.

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