LinkedIn Company Pages – 7 Best Practice Tips 2022

There is a lot of talk on LinkedIn about LinkedIn Company Pages. It’s been interesting to watch the evolution of this conversation over the last eighteen months. This time last year, the pushback was so fierce even I doubted their worth at one stage.

As you know, I stayed the course and trusted my knowledge and instinct. I enjoy the excitement as people look to LinkedIn Company Pages to build credibility, boost personal employee brands, attract top talent, and work as a 24/7 beacon for new business opportunities.

LinkedIn Members interact with LinkedIn Pages over 1.5B times per month.

Source: LinkedIn

However, enthusiasm isn’t all you will need to get the most out of your Company Page. If you want results, you will also need good knowledge of LinkedIn Page’s best practices for 2022.

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LinkedIn Company Pages Best Practices 2022

1. Company Page Set Up

Don’t skip over the importance of setting up your Page. LinkedIn reports completed and active LinkedIn Pages to get 11x more clicks per follower. If you haven’t set up your Page, read our blog on “How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page.”

Hint: Pay particular attention to your cover image (banner), tagline and About section

2. Company Page Content

I’m sorry to disappoint if you hope this section will give you a content prescription for your company page. The time of day, frequency, and content format aren’t the right area to focus on. Instead, focus on content that would make the most significant difference to your dream client. What transformation can they expect from working with your business?

If you are stuck on Company Page content ideas, check out this post.

Hint: Company Page content is not about you or your business!

3. Build Employee Advocacy Program for Your Team on LinkedIn

Stop and think before jumping to make all of your employees engage with Company Page posts. When was the last time you did something just because you were told? Most likely never.

It would help if you met your employees where they are, and everyone will be different. Some people work best behind the scenes, others will require LinkedIn training and some will gladly create and engage.

Hint: Good for Business Show episode “Building Employee Advocacy Communities” featuring Danielle Guzman can be found below or podcast here.

4. LinkedIn Pages for Building a B2B Community

LinkedIn Pages are not a one-way broadcast. They are an opportunity for you to bring together a niche B2B community that interacts with your employees. It can be an ecosystem that covers suppliers, buyers, clients, peripheral services and users.

Building a community takes time, but it moves your followers from being commoditised to highly valuable brand ambassadors. Be sure to engage and respond to your community either in the comments or by the newly rolled out “Commenting as your Company Page” feature Commenting as your Company Page“.

Hint: With Product Pages being rolled out to more industries and groups attached to them, building communities will play in the future.

5. LinkedIn Company Page Admin Persistency

More than anyone, we understand the temptation to give in and wonder if your Company Page is adding any value at all. Keep an eye on the analytics and make sure the numbers are heading in the right direction over time.

Hint: Do not compare your Page engagement to your Profile engagement. They are not designed to work the same.

Things LinkedIn Page Admins Need

6. Stay Up to Date with Latest Company Page New Features

Don’t fall behind by not staying up to date with the latest new releases and features of Linkedin Company Pages. There are many new ways to get an advantage if you keep up to date.

Hint: Watch below if you aren’t across the updates so you don’t get left behind.

7. Invest in Training

If you are getting frustrated trying to work out the best Linkedin Strategy for your business, e.g. What goes on your Profile? What goes on your Company Page? then we recommend you stop. The longer you take, the longer you give your competitors as an advantage.

Good Trading Co specialises in LinkedIn for B2B Businesses, and we offer –

Hint: Together, we can save you wasted time trying to figure it all out.

We have shared 7 Company Page best practice tips. This is just a taste of what we share with our clients to save them time and get them ahead.

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Michelle J Raymond is the Chief LinkedIn Strategist at B2B Growth Co and a founding member of the LinkedIn Small Business Advisory Council for LinkedIn Pages. Michelle specialises in helping small to medium business owners make a real impact in business. As a leading global authority on LinkedIn Pages. Her passion is to change the world by doing good business with good people.