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LinkedIn Company Pages Updates You Need to Know (April 2022) – Featuring Global LinkedIn Pages Expert Michelle J Raymond – Podcast Show Notes

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Want to know about the latest updates to LinkedIn Company Pages for Q1 2022? They are coming through thick and fast and every business owner, social media agency, and LinkedIn Company Page administrator needs to know these. 
Host Michelle J Raymond answers your questions about the latest changes. Giving you not just updates but also shares her best tips and tricks as well as strategies to maximise the performance of your Page. Don’t let your business be digitally invisible. 
· Comment as your LinkedIn Company Page
· LinkedIn Company Page Invite Credits – Bonus 30 invites
· LinkedIn Company Page Newsletters
· LinkedIn Company Pages for B2C


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Michelle J Raymond: [00:00:00] I’m your host, Michelle J. Raymond and welcome everybody to the Good for Business Show where I get to talk about my favourite topic and what you all know and love me for and that’s LinkedIn Company Pages. So shout out to all of those smart cookies who decided to catch up on all the latest updates because, oh my God, I don’t know how I’m going to remember them all.

So, if I skip something don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with lots of posts and content coming up. Today’s session is Q and A style. Ask me anything.

I had a great session with Mary Fain Brandt. Mary’s mind was blown when I told her all about the new features and the way that she could use Company Pages to actually lift up personal brands, lift up her Company, and that’s why I love Company Pages.

We are going to get it out there people. It’s not cool. We don’t get reach on Company Pages. I can assure you I am begging the Pages team. So if any of them are joining us today I am saying please help us with reach, [00:01:00] just a little bit would be cool.

I am going to get into what you all came here for, what’s going on with Company Pages? Well, I can tell you a lot, even my head is spinning. I got some questions that some people popped in and they’re going to use that to drive the conversation today.

Let’s start with the first one. We’re on a LinkedIn Live event, they are getting pushed well and truly by the Company Pages team. Lynnaire Johnston had a question, which is what’s going on with the comments after I do my LinkedIn Live? If you’ve never gone live from your Company Page, let’s go back a step. I want you to know why I go live on my Company Page which has just under 2000 followers, so thank you to everyone that’s following, versus my personal page, which has around 8,000. The reason that I do it is there is nothing worse than when I have an amazing Live and lots of people coming on board and then five seconds later it disappears down the Feed never to be seen [00:02:00] again. Honestly, it makes me cry. On my Company Page, go over if you haven’t had a look, you have your own mini YouTube channel sitting over on your Company Page. The videos tab it is my favourite so after this Live finishes what’s going to happen is this video will sit on the video tab.

So for those people that want to catch it on the replay today, three months time, six months time or 12 months time, I can always send them back. So if I’ve got a question that people often ask me guess what, I’m going to tag you over in that video so that you can catch up and watch. It really makes my life as a solopreneur a bit easier to get out there and obviously help more people.

And you know, people are at all different stages of the journey. Some are just starting, , shout out to all of those people. Keep on going. LinkedIn Lives are reasonably new in the big scheme of the World. What we’re seeing is actually lots of updates coming through. Now, one of the [00:03:00] problems is, after I go live and it sits on my video tab and I get to see all of your amazing comments. Guess what? On Desktop, they disappear and that’s what Lynnaire’s talking about. Now when they disappear, it is really annoying because you can’t go back and say thanks for joining. I really appreciate it, Katie. I really appreciate it, David . Thanks for coming. You can’t see it on Desktop. Now, the bad news for you is, right now the Pages team know that it’s a problem.

The upside, you’re going to have to pull out your mobile. It still works okay on there. But it’s actually just a problem on Desktop. It’s not a problem that will be fixed tomorrow. It may take some time. Grab your mobile and work around on that side of things. A quick question just while we’re on this topic, because Mary is asking, can you create a recurring event on your Company Page?

Oh man, this would be amazing if we could do this. The unfortunate part is not as yet, but I feel like if we just keep [00:04:00] raising it enough times with the Pages team, we often give feedback to them. If you’ve got an idea let me know and I can pass that on. They listen. They really, honestly do. I can’t tell you how much they value the input and are really trying to make sure that this product not just works for LinkedIn, but works for small business owners, solopreneurs and also multinational companies. Companies of all sizes can get value out of Company Pages. I hope that helps.

If anybody doesn’t know Lynnaire Johnston and isn’t already connected with her, Business Gold, that’s the book that we wrote together. If you don’t know how to get started on LinkedIn Company Pages, if you haven’t already bought one, but basically what happens is it’s two hours to read. It’s a beginning to end two hours, like no fluff, no messing around. Just how to get you started. And at the end of every chapter, we’ve given you golden nuggets. You can actually literally [00:05:00] just read the golden nuggets and check to make sure that you’ve got your understanding and that’s your action plan. It couldn’t get any easier. I think it’s about one dollar in Australia in which for those in the U S and overseas, it’s, you’re going to laugh when you see the price in your currency.

So what if you’ve got a small following on your Company Page? It’s not that uncommon Renee, and thanks for your question as well. The truth is that it can be hard and slow to build a Company Page, but I’m going to tell you that what I’ve noticed in my own Page, I’m going to be honest, right? I’m the expert on this and I used to think, why can’t I make this grow faster? You know, even I was like, oh man, am I doing the right thing here? What I discovered was it’s like a snowball that gathers momentum down the hill, but that first bit it’s hard and I’m not going to lie to people, it’s gonna take you six to [00:06:00] nine months on average for your target follower audience of around 500.

We’re not aiming for 10,000. We’re not aiming for 20,000. For most businesses, a niche community of around 500 is a really good number and I’ve got videos on my YouTube channel that will actually teach you how to use the invite filters so that you can maximise those returns. Now I’ve got another exciting tip, which is hot off the press and for those of you of joining today, I literally have not told anyone else. I just got the response from the Pages team as I woke up this morning. Cool thing, the Pages team want your Page to grow faster. If you have employees, one of the ways that we want to work together – employee advocacy. Shout out to Danielle Guzman, we had an amazing show a couple of weeks back where we discussed how do you get your team on board? [00:07:00] LinkedIn are going to make it easier to let your team start doing invites. Now, how does this work? I’ll go back a step. Every month, a Page Administrator who’s assigned to the Page Admin actually gets to invite one hundred of their first degree connections.

This can get tiresome and if you’ve only got a small number of connections and you’re not really actively involved in their industry, you’re the Social Media Manager or the person that got dumped with the Page in the background. Shout out to anyone that that happened to. What can actually happen is, you can very quickly burn through your one hundred invites every month and can burn through your first degree connections.

Here’s, what’s going to happen, your only other alternative, up until today, is that you would have to go and make someone else a temporary Page Admin. They would do the invites and then you would go back again and have to remove them because it might be someone from the sales team. It might be the CEO. It might be [00:08:00] anyone in the team, another marketing person but they don’t want to be Page Admin. You don’t want to have them have control. So here’s how it works. Every employee gets 30 invite credits per month. They don’t need to be Page Admins. So if you’ve got a small team, we’re going to be able to use this. Where you only had a hundred, imagine now you’ve got 30 extra invites for all of your employees, without the hassle of making them super admins. Now I just found out the cool part is these are additional credits. These aren’t part of your one hundred, they’re an additional 30.

So, if you can get your team together, guess what? You’re going to grow faster. For those that are solopreneurs, just set your expectations, slow and steady is going to win the race over time.

On average pages grow roughly 60 to 80. Followers per month. Just to set your expectations somewhere, , there’s no [00:09:00] rush, if you own a business, it’s going to go on for a long time.

The next question actually came through from Kara if you’ve got a product that you want to promote, how can you feature it on your Company Page? And is it better to have a page of its own? Here’s where it’s never a one size fits all. I feel like I’m one of those like insurance statements or finance statements, there’s no one size fits all products. You have to check your own circumstances.

Here’s what I would say, small business owners, if you don’t have a team and you’re a solopreneur, manage the product just through the Company Page. You have other options under Company Pages called Showcase Pages, which are great for those that have got different brands or different geographies that they want to separate out because you know, a multinational company, for instance, and different brands in different locations have different kinds of audiences. It works because they’ve got enough teams to manage all of those resources.

Small businesses, it comes down to timing, you’re going to have to [00:10:00] build a whole new audience and we just said how hard it was, right? So given the resources, this is like one of those things, go into the Page Admin view of a Company Page and if you’re not following Good Trading Co, come on, let’s make sure that we fix that up.

Showcase Pages for those of you, haven’t seen how it works, they sit over on the right hand side I’ve created one recently for my podcast. Now I only just realised in the last couple of days that I have Product Pages available to me now.

They were historically only for digital sales products, software as a service, type products that we had out there. Now I love Product Pages layout, if you haven’t seen one, it really looks like the Service Pages that are over there on profiles. I tried to set one up because, hey, I love trying new things. I tried to set one up for say my LinkedIn Masterclass Training that I offer. I thought, wouldn’t [00:11:00] it be great if I could highlight that, show who the product’s intended for, setups and media and have a play around. I found it was really clunky. It didn’t quite fit for what I was doing. It was still designed more for products that you could download or something along those lines, as opposed to face-to-face training.

The process itself was a little bit clunky, when I was actually trying to update it. You can start to put some screenshots of your product. I’ve just put a couple in there that I’ve been playing around with. One of the issues that I found and, it happened when I set one up for one of my clients, is after you finish the setup you actually have to go through an approval process. Now the approval process can take up to two weeks, it says. Now, okay that’s fine it’s new, we’re rolling out, I have no problems.

The problem that I had is after the process was approved, I [00:12:00] didn’t get a notification that I noticed on the page and so it had been approved and was just sitting there for my client and I had to, I went back and I was like, yeah, it’s been a while since that’s happened.

And so I had to go back and double-check and so then I had to press publish. So it’s creating, get it approved and then go back and publish. That to me was a bit tricky. I will continue to play around with it. One of the things that came unstuck was there was some industry groups that you had to select from and none of those applied to any kind of training face-to-face and I mean, I went pretty broad and pretty general. They would still seem to be tied back to those digital products in those other areas.

To answer your question Kara I would manage it, if you’re a small business, just through your content on your Company Page. If you’re a much bigger business and a Product Page makes sense, then we’ve got new tools that we can always play with. I hope that helps. Promoting [00:13:00] it that you’re going to handle that through, as I said, your content.

And the next question is from Kara as well. How do you create more interest for sign ups when you use the new feature called LinkedIn Company Pages Newsletters.

Now I did a LinkedIn live pop up on the other time zone, just a couple of weeks back. I’m going to put the link to my YouTube channel, where you can catch the replay for that, Q1 updates. If you go back and have a look at that, I gave a really handy tip around when I think you should actually do your first newsletter.

If you are a Page just starting out, I wouldn’t go hard on the Newsletter straight away. It’s more content that you need to create. If you’re only a solopreneur or a small business and you don’t have resources, you are going to feel overwhelmed. And what’s the first thing that you’re going to do? See you later Company Page. Why? Because you don’t get the engagement and the reach [00:14:00] that you do over on your personal profile. So if you’ve got at least 500 followers, I think it’s a good place to start. It really comes down to, you’re gonna have to add a ton of value as a Company. You’re normally a subject matter expert in your chosen field. The kind of thing that I want you to think about is how can you share that? It has to be fun, break it up with images every few paragraphs, lots of interesting things within that. Not just a big, long solid text. Obviously things will just be too hard to read and no, one’s got time for that.

A catchy name that lets people know what your newsletter is about. A good description, they’re quite short, so you’ve gotta be smart around it but make it obvious to people. That first one, make it count because you get a free kick and what I mean by that is your first LinkedIn [00:15:00] newsletter that goes out, goes to every single page follower, a hundred percent. It is one of the very few times where that algorithm of ours doesn’t get in the way, it doesn’t pick and choose who it goes to. After that it will go to your subscribers, so that first newsletter I can’t stress how important it is that you make sure that you are onto a winner with that one.

Don’t be tight. Don’t be stingy, give people a taste of what to expect. LinkedIn are going to keep helping Newsletters. They want Company Pages to drive Thought Leadership and I speak more about that in the update. This is one of those times I say head over to the Good Trading Co, YouTube Channel and make sure you subscribe.

Another question that I want to make sure that I answer was from Catherine. Good question. I really liked this one. Are Pages better or more suited to those that are in the B2B market. And this is a really interesting one, I love that she asked it. So [00:16:00] thanks Catherine. Are they more suitable? Well, LinkedIn is the number one B2B platform for marketers. So in one hand I would say absolutely. Yes.

Does that mean it’s not suitable for those that are B to C, so Business to Consumer? Now I’ve worked with some Page clients that actually are in that space and we’ve been able to work it really well. I think often it can be used not so much to target your consumers because they may live over on other platforms, but it can be really good to add credibility, if you’re a business that relies on suppliers, that is looking for distributors, if you’re wanting to partner up with other people in other countries to get your product out of one geography into another, I think a Company Page just adds credibility, that you’re a real business. And so I think for everybody, regardless of who your end user, end customer is, I think it’s important.

Why? Someone Googles your business name, you’ve got a [00:17:00] really great opportunity that your Company Page is going to end up in those first page of results. So from that reason, what I’m going to say is everyone should have one, you know, I’m biased. I get it.

We’ve got all kinds of things. So the Newsletter, love it. One of the glitches that’s there at the moment is I’m told that these will be indexed by Google. I can’t see evidence for that. Now I’m told that why that is, is it will take some time.

On the flip side, they are doing work to make sure that it actually happens faster. That’s a cool thing. Imagine if you do a really well thought out Newsletter the added bonus, if someone searches for things on Google, it will pick up that detail and Google loves a good original well-thought out, informationally sound and backed up long form article. There’s another advantage. I’ll keep you updated when I see that that actually happens. I’m working directly [00:18:00] with the team to let them know, Hey, this isn’t happening. I assure you once again, that every time I’m raising these things with them, they are jumping just like that to try and make sure that these things are fixed for everybody.

We have got a question here from Lina, I appreciate you. Do I max out all of my a hundred company invites every time?

Hundred percent hands down without a doubt. Why do I max them out? Fastest way to grow? When do I do them? As soon as LinkedIn gives them to me. I send out reminders. So if you follow the Good Trading Co Company Page, you’ll get reminders from me to say, don’t forget to do it.

Here’s why Lina, what happens is I want as many people to see my content as possible or have access to it. As soon as I get my hundred invite credits, I send them all out and I send them out in hope that obviously I’m targeting the right people and they accept those invites. When they accept them, I get another credit back again. How cool was [00:19:00] that? I send that one back out and I do that throughout the month to make sure that we’re actually all across that . Couple of things as you do that, if you don’t use them, you lose them. People will tell you don’t use them because you can’t customize the message that goes out with them.

And that’s true. You can’t, but it’s different to over on your personal profile. If on your personal profile, you don’t customise it and everybody else is then you stand out, like you don’t care, you couldn’t care less. You’re not making an effort. If you come onto a Company Page, no one can customise it. We’re all in the same boat. No one expects you to customise it.

Would it be great if we could? Oh yeah, I’m putting my hands up. It’s one of the recommendations that I will put to the Pages Team, is to make sure they give us the option. From that perspective, get them out fast, look for when people accept it, send them back out again, maximise those hundred.

Employees now get a [00:20:00] bonus 30 invites per month. When you’ve got a team, get those people rowing the boat, the more people that you have rowing the boat the better.

Leah has joined us. How do you choose who I target? Well, this is how I work. Mine start off close. Who are your current customers? Who are your close connections? Who has formally worked with you, or maybe working with you now? They’re the people that like you, they’re the people that love your business. They’re the easiest people that you can get on board and most likely to engage. Then we start working it out. So one of my favourite filters, that’s on the invite filters is you can actually use the location filter.

If you only work in a particular geography, say I was only based in Sydney and I only want to deal with people in Sydney, I could use that now. Here’s the thing, recently LinkedIn made it really easy so that you can do [00:21:00] these invites from your mobile phone and so I love it. I’m a huge mobile phone user when it comes to LinkedIn.

What I found when I went to choose the location filter it was missing. This is one of those things that I was a little bit sad and I’ve put the request out there to see if we can get that added. Location is one of my favourites, by industry is my second filter that I always use. And the smarter you are around it, the higher the chance of the acceptance.

And you’re building a niche community people, it’s not a numbers game in this particular case. Unless you’re someone that services such a wide variety of people, then it doesn’t matter so much, but start off close, work your way out. Now, one of the things huge, huge, huge thing that’s changed on LinkedIn in the last week, even since I last did my update, you can comment as your Company Page within LinkedIn. I was yes, cause I’ve been using a plugin.

There were workarounds that [00:22:00] people have shared that you could do, but it was a pain in the butt. I’m not gonna lie. It was a pain in the butt. What’s actually happened is there’s now an option within LinkedIn that you can do this. Here’s the kicker. Yes. Big tick. It makes life easy. Like honestly, you can switch between accounts if you’ve got multiple accounts. You can switch between multiple Pages that you manage really easily and comment as each of them. The temptation is to go out there and put comments everywhere because it’s so easy. The flip side. You put a comment out there, what’s not going to happen is you’re not going to get notified that somebody responds. What’s going to happen if you put a great comment out there, someone goes, yeah, that sounds like you solve the problem that I have. They want to do business with you and they respond “please contact me” and you don’t get notified? Here’s what’s going to happen – you’re going to break that [00:23:00] digital trust. Gone, broken, never to be fixed again.

That means what you have to do is create some kind of system that tracks where you’re putting your details out. That also means for those of you out there that are going to get a bit too excited about it, don’t go spam other people’s accounts. Spam is spam. It doesn’t matter how you do it, where you do it, why you do it, it’s spam.

I don’t want to see that and I’ll be calling out anybody that’s spamming my stuff. I’m going to be calling you out because I don’t want this to become a bad thing on the platform and give Company pages a bad reputation. I am going to police that. Stay tuned.

Do you need to babysit the comment? Absolutely. Because as I said, if you miss it, oh man, you’re just going to create worse than not commenting in the first place.

Comment as a Company Page, Company Page Newsletters, invites from employees that aren’t Page Admins, we’ve got lots of things that are coming through for the second half in [00:24:00] the paid space which I don’t get into LinkedIn advertising, but there’s lots more cool features that they’ve got coming through, like AB testing. They’ve got landing pages coming through in the second half of the year.

So all in all, all I can say, lots more features coming, all about making them user friendly, wanting to help support you grow. If you don’t know what you’re doing on LinkedIn Company Pages and you would like to know, I’ve got a Page Administrator Training.

If you’re a business owner and you’re just, sick of being frustrated. Hello, here I am. I would love to help you align your business goals with your LinkedIn strategy to be able to get you opportunities from your ideal clients. So if you are out there, I am here to help. As much as I love doing these Lives, I can’t give you a tailored solution, which I would love to. So on that note, I think we’re [00:25:00] all done. I think we’re done going once, going twice, going three times, it’s been fun and I will catch everybody later. Cheers.

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