LinkedIn Company Page Updates – Q1 2022 with Good Trading Co

Here we go again. Another round of LinkedIn Company Page updates. They keep on coming thick and fast. The LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team have been flat out bringing us new features that will continue to increase the ROI on your time invested in your LinkedIn Company Page.

LinkedIn Pages Updates Q1 2022

A quick summary from the LinkedIn team on the LinkedIn Company Page new features can be found in their blog. If you aren’t a subscriber then we recommend you do as there is so much information that is cutting edge and can help businesses of all sizes. See below.

LinkedIn Pages - Latest and Greatest Features
LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog

That’s the LinkedIn version of the new LinkedIn Pages features. At Good Trading Co we wanted to give you a LinkedIn user perspective and Michelle J Raymond hosted a pop-up LinkedIn Live to discuss her thoughts on these new features.

Catch the replay on YouTube below or join team replay in the comments here. Don’t forget to subscribe🔔

The video timeline –

00:00 LinkedIn Articles – why you should use them.

08:17 LinkedIn Company Page Newsletters – what works, what doesn’t.

17:59 LinkedIn Live for Pages Updates – closed captions, auto-approval.

25:22 New Industries for Pages – 400 to choose from.

27:51 Invite to Follow Updates – now available on mobile. Use the filters.

32:37 What is “Boosting” on LinkedIn Pages posts?

34:59 LinkedIn Marketing Solutions updates (Reach Optimisation, Brand Lift Test, Reach and Frequency Forecasting)

LinkedIn Company Page Newsletters

I was part of the alpha testing group and have worked closely with the LinkedIn Pages Product team on this project. As with any project the size of this, we will see some glitches. That’s why LinkedIn always do staggered rollouts.

LinkedIn Company Pages are no exception. We have seen a couple of glitches that were remedied quickly that made it look like you had access to a newsletter but alas not. Those Company Pages now appear to have the option back again and the rollout continues.

If you notice any others please do reach out and let Michelle J Raymond know so she can update the community.

Company Page New Features You May Have Missed

Employee Verification by Domain Name – details here.

LinkedIn Live now plays in the Company Page banner – details here.

Trouble adding a newly created Company Page to Profile work experience – read here.

I’m going to keep shouting the same message over and over. If you own a business you MUST build a company brand. LinkedIn Pages are the right tool for you. Look beyond the reach and engagement and see what’s possible to give you a competitive edge.

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Michelle J Raymond is the Chief LinkedIn Strategist at her company B2B Growth Co and a founding member of the LinkedIn Small Business Advisory Council for LinkedIn Pages. Michelle specialises in helping small to medium business owners make a real impact in business. As a leading global authority on LinkedIn Pages, her passion is to change the world by doing good business with good people.