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LinkedIn Company Page Industry Codes

[April 2022 LinkedIn Pages Update]

We now have a more comprehensive list of industry codes to select from when setting up your LinkedIn Company Page. 

The number is now close to 400 to choose from. This will improve the quality of search results and help businesses to attract better quality leads. 

The list is aligned with North American standards. 

Making sure that your business is displayed in the right industry will help ensure that your business is showing in the right places. 

LinkedIn Industry Codes

The full list of LinkedIn Industry Codes

While the list is now comprehensive, it can be difficult to find the most suitable code for your business. 

To start you need to type the first letter and a list will populate. This proves difficult if you don’t know the category name. 

The LinkedIn Pages team are working on this. In the meantime here are some workarounds. 

To start here is the full list from LinkedIn Pages Industry Code List.


Searchable LinkedIn Industry Code List

Good Trading Co wants to make life easy for LinkedIn Pages Administrators. We have created a searchable list that you can filter or sort by your industry. 

Click on the LinkedIn Industry code image below to open up the excel sheet and away you go. 

It is easy to search and filter to find the best fit code for your business. 

This is another round of updates from LinkedIn for Q1 2022 and we continue to be excited about all the features coming through. 


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