How to Generate Consistent Leads on LinkedIn

How to Generate Consistent Leads on LinkedIn? Guest: Krista Mollion

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If you are struggling to generate consistent leads for your business on LinkedIn, join host Michelle J Raymond and expert guest Krista Mollion as they deep dive into this topic.

  • Business Strategy vs LinkedIn Strategy
  • What is stopping businesses generating leads on LinkedIn?
  • Is having a niche necessary for lead generation on LinkedIn?
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation activities to start today
  • Automation and Outsourcing LinkedIn Lead Generation

Krista is a business and marketing strategist and works with clients to build profitable online businesses. Her mantra is: Be Hungry, Be Humble, Be Unstoppable.


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Michelle J Raymond: [00:00:00] Welcome everybody to the Good for Business Show. I am your host, Michelle J Raymond. And I am excited that this week we’re gonna talk about one of my favourite topics, which is LinkedIn lead generation, but consistent generation, not just a one hit wonder here and there. When I set up The Good for Business Show, my goal was actually to have conversations with people that I think are amazing, experts in their field and I’m gonna let you guys listen in on it. This week’s guest is Krista Mollion and I appreciate that you are juggling being a super mum and a super expert. I’m so glad that we get to speak and have this conversation. Welcome to the show.

Krista Mollion: Thank you so much for having me, Michelle. So I haven’t known about you for a long time. It’s only been a couple of months, but I believe I found you because of Michelle Griffin, who has the 365 Creators group and who does personal branding. And so I’m really excited because since I’ve discovered you, I’ve taken a new, fresh look at my LinkedIn [00:01:00] Company Page, which was a sitting duck for a long time.

So thank you very much. And now I really love your show. So thank you for inviting me, cause I’m very honoured to be here.

Michelle J Raymond: It is my absolute pleasure and you’re right. It hasn’t been a long time, but in such a short period of time, I realized just how much we have in common and some things that you’ve taught me, that I may not have thought about and so I’m really excited. But for people that haven’t come across you, who are you, what do you do and who do you help?

Krista Mollion: Wonderful. So I’m Krista Mollion. I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. This is not my first rodeo. In fact, right now I’m building business number three. I built an eight figure virtual reality agency in San Francisco, that I sold in 2017.

Then I built a seven figure coaching practice, a B2B consultancy. And now I’m on business number three. I’m building an online educational platform for all things entrepreneurship called from Zero to Six Academy.

Michelle J Raymond: Wow. That’s [00:02:00] amazing. So I’m on business number one. I was almost an accidental entrepreneur. I had no intentions of ever being a business owner at the time I set up my business. I literally quit my job on the spot for some stuff that happened outta my control, woke up the next day and went I am never gonna work for anyone ever again.

And then the journey two years later, here we are and I’m gonna share some things that I’ve learnt being at the start. I can’t wait to hear what you are sharing from, you know, so much experience. I promise the audience that this conversation is gonna be one of those straight between the eyes, keeping it really honest, because I feel like sometimes there’s lots of coaches out there that might be there with the kid gloves on.

And I know you’re not that person. What I wanna do is have a real conversation. One of the things that I find is people who own businesses that are listening into this, have this perception that what they should be doing is just, jumping onto LinkedIn and starting to [00:03:00] post. And there’s no alignment with a business strategy, if there’s a strategy at all.

So what can you tell me in your experience with your clients that you’ve seen, do you have the same experience that I do?

Krista Mollion: Yes. So I think a lot of people are mistakenly short term thinkers. They jump before they look where they’re jumping and as a business owner and a coach I am all about planning.

So step number one is to set a goal. So why are you on LinkedIn? And I have that post and I repost it every few months. In fact, I should probably do it again. And that post usually gets a lot of interesting answers. Once you have a clear goal who you’re trying to reach and what message you want to say to them that stands out that’s different.

You’re gonna see immediately everything you do gets better, and I have to stress, especially what you do that’s different. Because if you’re like, I need to reach [00:04:00] business owners to sell them LinkedIn coaching. So do so many other people. And if you know what the Blue Ocean Strategy is, it’s a book I highly recommend.

What you wanna do is put yourself into a clean, fresh blue ocean by saying. ” I’ve built this program, I’ve built a framework that’s different than what everyone else is doing.” And that’s what will draw people towards you in this, in the red ocean of a million and other LinkedIn coaches. So figure out what your goal is, and then go for that.

Michelle J Raymond: Yeah for me I actually find when I have the first conversation with someone that I might be doing some LinkedIn coaching or LinkedIn strategies with, when I ask them, what’s the goal for being on LinkedIn in your business? I get this blank stare quite often. It’s just like, well, I should be on social media.

Okay. Why? And what are you trying to do? Are we going after brand awareness? Are we doing lead generation, like we’re talking [00:05:00] about in this show? Or are we just on there for, because we think it’s a good idea and we haven’t really thought things through. This is the thing I’m like, how do you generate a LinkedIn strategy?

If you don’t even have a business strategy set up? They should be working in tandem. I’m the person that jumped in the deep end, I am not great at planning. A full confession, planning is not my strong point, but I realize now two years down the track, oh boy, I wish I had done some more.

I would’ve saved myself. Time, probably saved myself money. It’s all part of the journey. Something that I wanna talk about some more, because people are on LinkedIn to generate leads. Like I am unapologetically on LinkedIn, 100% of the time to generate leads for my business.

What do you think stops other people from generating consistent leads?

Krista Mollion: Not understanding the process. Clearly not only they have no goal of exactly “I want to generate a hundred leads [00:06:00] a month”. So I need it to be a smart goal- specific. I wanna know what geographical location we’re gonna specialize in.

I wanna know what size of business we’re gonna specialize in. Are we going after companies to have less than 10 employees like solopreneurs? Are we going after mid-level? And we need to tweak things and adjust and see the sweet spot, because sometimes in the beginning, even if we pick a certain type of client, we realize that our services end up not really aligning or the way we work, or for example, bigger companies have more money, but they also have lengthier hiring processes and a lot of red tape.

So you might be looking at trying to get into this wonderful company that has 50 to 200 employees, but it will take six months before they can get the purchase order set up, get all your background checks. Like they make a big deal out of it. So maybe you don’t think that’s the right strategy [00:07:00] because what are you gonna live on?

While you’re waiting. So we talk about different funnels and I never spread myself too thin. I want to diversify, but I wanna have a very clear bread and butter clients so that I have revenue coming in all the time. This is the kind of stuff you would talk about first with the business coach like me.

And then we would translate it into a LinkedIn strategy. And just yesterday I referred someone to you, by the way. I do this without even telling you, but if they reach out, I told them to tell you that that you found out about it from me. Because I do think that first comes the business strategy and most clients are hopping over the process, which means they go from, I’m gonna show up online and then I’m just gonna close sales.

And you called this talk today, this podcast lead generation. But remember the lead generation has three phases “Attract, Nurture and Convert”. And I just did a [00:08:00] nurture workshop literally two days ago because people tend to see it like “oh, wow I found that client now I’m just gonna pitch them my services.”

And then they said, no, or they ghosted me. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Why aren’t they buying from me? I’m spending all this time on Sales Navigator, sending out the spam. Why aren’t they buying? And the truth is because today’s business is not done that way anymore. You need to spend the majority of your activity on LinkedIn in the nurture phase. So when we talk about lead generation, it’s misleading. Because if you’re walking down the street and you have coach on your head and I am targeting coaches, I can’t just grab you and say, be my client. So the nurture phase is where we need to spend all of our activity.

Michelle J Raymond: It’s like that whole wham bam thank you ma’am. We’re connected, here buy from me. I often talk about people can smell your desperation and it’s such a turnoff and no one is interested. And for me [00:09:00] personally, I come from over 20 years of selling all kinds of different products in my time at very high levels dealing companies of all different sizes. It could be like a hundred dollars order through to a 10 million order. So I’ve been through the whole gamut of sales in my career. And in all of those kind of situations, the relationship building is what I’m skilled at, which is what makes me stand out. Because I get approached

I don’t know how many times every week about let’s go and automate this. Lead gen done automatically for you. You can outsource it. I could get a VA. I could do all kinds of things and my skin crawls and I just go I wouldn’t do that in any of my jobs that I’ve ever worked in. Why would I do it on LinkedIn?

I even have clients approach me on the other side. So I do Company Page Management as part of, my offer to limited clients. And I can do that and create content on [00:10:00] behalf of business, no problems been doing it 20 years. But on the flip side, when someone says to me, Michelle, can you pretend you are me on LinkedIn and go and write my content and go and form my relationships and try and do all this stuff.

I, I am just like going, I know I could make a lot of money from it, but I just can’t. Like, it makes my skin crawl. It is just crazy. For me, relationships, nurture, you and I are on the same page on this one. Absolutely. Anything else, from what I’ve said, that’s popped up for you?

Krista Mollion: If everyone wants to take away one very valuable phrase that needs to be somewhere their mantra written for their LinkedIn strategy. This could apply to every strategy, anyone listening, it’s you can’t outsource relationships, repeat that over and over. So I have this problem as you, is they want done for you services and the truth is that, we’re not here to build a following. I could care [00:11:00] less how many followers I have. And and I think that’s where maybe I’m very opinionated. I actually have deleted following over the years and not because I’m a snob or I’m trying to be snobby. I love connecting with people. The problem is the bigger my network gets, the less I can manage the relationships.

And until I grow a team, it’s really hard for me to change that. So I’d rather stay small, but really nurture the relationship. And I’m always surprised when people collect connections. So I’ll connect with them and immediately, what do I do? I send them an introduction. I’m so happy to connect with you.

Here’s my intro post. I have a post. What talks about my garlic, my wine, my cats, my kids. So it’s a personal post. Then I have a video. That I change up once in a while. My intro video, I have a short version from TikTok. That’s 30 seconds. And then I have a long one. That’s like a minute from [00:12:00] YouTube.

And then I wait and you know what happens, Michelle? Crickets and these people, they sent me the connection request. So then I always ask, so what about you? Do you have anything you’d like to share silence. Then about two, three weeks goes by with my intro video, my intro, and they come back and say, how can I help you?

Or they say, what are you working on in your business right now? Basically. I wanna disconnect immediately from them because I ask them, why did you connect with me?

Michelle J Raymond: Yeah, you’re absolutely right. And I have the same thing happened over and sometimes I make small allowances.

If I can see that someone’s new to the platform and I’ll try and educate them and say, let’s slow down a little bit. Here’s how I think you could approach this differently and have a higher success rate. I’ve been, like I said, selling for 20 years, eight of them social selling on LinkedIn specifically.

[00:13:00] It’s my bread and butter. There are not too many people that say I love sales. I am that person. And so I say to them, look, I can help you with this because I understand maybe sometimes culturally, there are probably some bosses out there that are giving people KPIs which are unrealistic. And the only way they can do it is just churn and burn, churn, and burn, churn, and burn.

I’ve seen lots of lead gen companies say, oh, out of every hundred invites that we send out on your behalf, you will get maybe one accept and I’m like, what happened to the 99 relationships that you just burnt? And so what’s the lasting impact of that versus how about we just drop it down to five?

How about we drop it down to a much smaller number? So the platforms changed Krista in the time that I’ve been using it over the last eight years. A lot more let’s call it personal a lot more, maybe even the age group is possibly changing, the demographics at the moment. Do you think that makes any difference to [00:14:00] being able to generate leads and build relationships on LinkedIn?

Krista Mollion: I do, because I think I’m seeing something beautiful, which is the younger generations, honestly, couldn’t care less about the status quo. And it’s almost like a revival of the 1960s. I have a 20 year old and I see what kind of conscientiousness he has. In everything he does and how he sees through things very quickly.

So young people are repelled by fakeness, by non authenticity, and they actually are very skeptical generation. I’m from the gen X generation where you could do a lot of copy paste, a lot of spammy tactics. That’s not gonna work with young people. And I also wanna mention the incredible opportunity of creativity now.

So everyone listening to this, if you wanna generate leads, [00:15:00] try to invest in, in your own creativity become more creative. No one needs to download your 20 page PDF ebook anymore. I would probably hire you if I saw a good TikTok that made me laugh, but that explained to me, got my attention. Explained to me a problem that I’m currently facing in my business. I’m no TikTok expert and I know there are some amazing new ones out there, but I would just give out a quick tip is why don’t you take five problems that, your customer faces based on five things they say often oh, I’m so frustrated that I send out requests and people don’t respond or I’m so frustrated how I can find the leeds, take those five frustration and turn them into 30 to 50 second funny skits on TikTok. Use your creativity or hire someone to help you. And you’ll have more success than if you send out a hundred [00:16:00] requests per day.

Michelle J Raymond: I would probably come around it a little bit different, cause I haven’t embraced the whole Tik Tok short video thing, just because I think I’ll go down a rabbit hole that I’m not sure I’m ready to come out of.

I’ve gotta keep myself focused. I think there’s a space still on LinkedIn for people that are super technical that have a lot of inside knowledge. If they share that knowledge in a way that the person on the other end feels like they’re speaking to them and that it’s actually solving a challenge that they have.

So embrace your own personality, take it for what it is, but always think about who’s on the other side that you’re trying to build a relationship with. So when I have conversations with people, and I’ve had a few, amazing guests on the show where we’ve talked about introverts versus extroverts and how they go about it.

If you’re an introvert and you’re listening, there is no reason that you can’t be just as successful on LinkedIn. ‘Cause you can use the search bar, you can send [00:17:00] direct messages, you can help support other people’s posts. You don’t have to be front and center to have success. So I find people go, I’m an introvert , I don’t really like social media. Okay. But if you have a business and you’re on LinkedIn to generate business, you have two choices. You’ve either gotta get good at it, I don’t think you can really outsource it on LinkedIn. So upskilling is the only solution that I have people for people is learn how to do it in your own way, but do it well. So you don’t have to jump on LinkedIn Lives like I love to do. You do not have to post content every day, but you have to find what works for you and do it consistently. Like you said, show up frequently support other people and start having conversations.

If not, my recommendation, go grab a job ASAP and work for somebody else, or hire someone to build up their own brand and build up your business brand with them so that you actually can outsource that, [00:18:00] not outsource your own personal brand and relationships, but give that business development role to someone else.

Cuz otherwise it’s just a hobby as far as I’m concerned, if you’re not active. I don’t know if you’ve got anything you wanted to add to that.

Krista Mollion: It’s all about putting together your customized content strategy. So when I gave TikTok as an example, that’s a trend. It’s not going to fizzle out though it is going to grow.

But it’s not in obligatory. Like you mentioned, if you’re an introvert and someone says you need to post 20 times a day and all of those have to be TikTok videos, run. It’s all about customizing what works for you. But the main thing is to, is to follow the five CS, which I call commitment, which means commitment to specific goals and showing up. Clarity, being really clear on your profiles and your content who you serve and what you do. Congruency [00:19:00] is having across all your social media actions and profiles congruency.

So I see who you are, and it’s not different when I go to your business page or your personal page. Community, building community. And then being consistent. Those are my five CS that I teach people about how to build the right strategy on social media.

Michelle J Raymond: And tying into those five CS, what are some of the activities that people that are listening could take away today? What’s an action based activity that you think that they could start doing, no questions, easy.

Krista Mollion: Take some time off social media to figure out who the heck you are. Because it’s so tempting to go onto social media and start copying, start getting influence, start jumping on trends, and then always feeling like you’re a worse version of someone else who’s obviously being popular. And [00:20:00] that’s not the way to do it. Go offline and say, this is who I am. These are my values. This is what I stand for. This is my mission. When I said, why are you on LinkedIn? It’s so important for you to have a business mission. And my mission is I’m here to help entrepreneurs build profitable online businesses with services and skills that they really excel in already.

I’m not here to find what you wanna be when you grow up. I really try to convey that in all my content and whatever I’m doing, personal or professional posts, I’m always tying it back into that mission because I know who I’m talking to. I hope. Sometimes I’m having a little bit of a deviation, but that’s what I think the best advice I can give people to do is go offline and think about what those, what your mission is, and then come back and you’re gonna speak to that person.

All right. And when you do that, use your real voice. [00:21:00] Don’t let other people influence you at all. My secret is what I call “thinking aloud” and then putting it into a post or a video. And I take risks. I am very controversial. My content is polarizing. So if you follow me after a while, you’ll see that I post things that really do completely translate to what I was thinking. Get good at that. And maybe you’re thinking that will kill my brand. Yeah, it will. But it will kill the brand that you never should have had in the first place. So it will drive you towards the people who are your tribe, because when I think aloud, flaws and all it’s not about being right or being perfect, it’s about attracting the people who like my authenticity, even if they don’t agree with my particular statement. So try to do that because if you do that, you’re gonna attract your soul clients and you’re gonna start repelling people who you [00:22:00] should never have been working with in the first place, instead of trying to get more clients.

That’s another thing. Please focus on taking good care of the people you already have in your network. I see too many coaches selling LinkedIn trainings, grow your following okay. So when is it enough? When you hit 1 million followers, will your ego finally be fed. The ego monster is dangerous.

Stop following the ego monster and start showing up on LinkedIn. With the thoughts of community, content, consistency, relationships. So that’s really important.

Michelle J Raymond: I think the thing that you hit on for me, which is, I wanna say in the last two months, really struck a chord with me personally, is clarity.

If you take that time off to get clarity, it just opens up a whole new world. So how this played out for me? I changed my headline on my LinkedIn profile probably about six months ago and I changed it so it was like a [00:23:00] really great keyword, LinkedIn friendly version of what I do.

And I included, I was a LinkedIn live host and I had a podcast and I was an author and all this other stuff. Didn’t inspire me and it certainly didn’t inspire anyone else to reach out and connect with me. I’m very confident. Sure. I may have showed up in a couple of searches, but it just wasn’t me and it just felt uncomfortable.

And then there was one day I was sitting there and I was thinking like, who are the kinds of clients that I like to work with? Long term who have been my favorites? And if I’m creating my dream business, why not create it with my dream clients? And so you talked about earlier about having, the right demographics about who I wanted to attract.

And for me it was a little bit different. So I wanna work with ambitious, innovative, and purpose driven business owners. Now the industry doesn’t bother me so much. It’s that drive it’s that they’re actually willing to try something new [00:24:00] and they’re out to do something in the world. Now I don’t care what that something is.

I just want them to have that ambition. And I think that’s a word I saw on your profile or one of the pages that you showed me. I want business owners who are out to not just plod along, they’re out to actually grow, they’re out to do the work. And I think this is where you and I probably resonate with each other because I think we’re very similar in that kind of style.

And so for me, I changed my LinkedIn headline and I put that out there, even though I thought, oh, should I really say ambitious? Yeah, I should. And so I just let me be. And I had a new high paying client within about two hours of changing it. And from then all my content speaks to that.

I’m able to rewrite all of my products that I’ve been struggling with and flapping about. it’s that clarity that I can’t tell people, if you can’t see the label of the [00:25:00] jar or whatever it is that saying, go to someone else. Invest in getting that clarity, because from there it just snowballed, I can’t even tell you like the inquiries that I’ve got, the leads that have come in, the relationships I’m building, but it’s actually it’s money. Because without money this is a hobby, right? And I’m here to, as I said here to actually make money around that. So one of the things that I just wanna ask you about, because there will be people busy business owners tempted by the automation, and outsourcing LinkedIn lead generation.

We spoke about this briefly, but let’s go hard on this one. Why, if I am super busy, shouldn’t I do this?

Krista Mollion: Because it’s all about relationships and authenticity. So you basically killed the only purpose of being on LinkedIn. I’m gonna be really brutal here because I [00:26:00] feel that being active on LinkedIn, it will have a effect on you. Good or bad.

And I’ve had some clients say well, any activity is better than silence, and that is absolutely wrong. Please go away and never return until you are ready to show up. And here’s my secret. I plan out the whole year in advance. So I know when I’m going to be launching new products, I know when I need to be in sales mode.

And then I know when I need to be in a nurture phase. Because your business has seasons throughout the year. So the summer is the time when you’re in massive sales mode, the money’s coming in you’re actively launching and selling a product. Then you’ve got hibernation. You’ve got to survive those long winter months.

And I’m just saying this figuratively, because in your industry, every season will fall at a different time of the year, but there’s gonna be months where you have to spread the money out because business isn’t coming [00:27:00] in as hard as you like, that’s the hibernation time. What I want you to do is plan your content accordingly.

What do you do during the hibernation months? You nurture, nurture, because the people aren’t ready to buy. But when spring comes and they want to break out their bike and go outside, they’re gonna hire you. So please never do this hot cold. Business is not a water faucet that you can turn on when you want money.

And that’s what a lot of business owners think. They think, okay, I have enough money. I’m gonna leave now and I’ll come back when I need money. That’s not how relationships work. You need to be a giver. So if you’re just coming to take money, when you need the money, I know that. I can see right through you, because I haven’t heard from you throughout the whole winter when you didn’t even have one kind word for me.

And now you come, when you say, Hey, can you endorse my new book? I just published my new book. I’d love to invite you to my webinar. [00:28:00] Bye. I wanna hang out with people who spent the winter, the long, hard, cold winter with me, without asking me for anything, just showing up and being kind to me throughout those months.

I will not forget you.

Michelle J Raymond: No. And speaking of which I know that you’ve actually got one of your masterclass courses coming up sometime soon. So for people who have been listening in today that are enjoying this conversation that wanna actually get real and get real results, how can they work with you, Krista?

What’s coming up.

Krista Mollion: All right, so I have a free masterclass. So if you go to, you can register for that. Where I teach you the five CS of social media success. I go into detail one by one into these points. There’s a downloadable workbook that goes with that.

There’s a free bonus training. And. I’m on a mission to get people, to really connect with each other show up authentically. So I’d [00:29:00] rather you show up less, but that you plan things out better because I don’t have any social media stress. I never think what should I post? Because. Like I said, I plan out my whole year, so I know if I’m gonna be launching a product let’s say in June.

For example, I’m launching my business accelerator program, which starts next week to build funnels for six weeks over the summer. For the six weeks before the launch I have about 20 sales posts. But they’re all hidden. They’re not in your face one by one, like a domino. Then I’ve got a lot of nurture posts where I plant the seed in your head.

Why funnels is the solution, but I don’t come out directly and say it. So I’ll talk about, are you frustrated because you keep trying to figure out which strategy works and you’re just grasping at straws, wondering what works, build a funnel. So in the end, I tell them that the funnel is the real solution, but I’ll put out those kind of seeds plant [00:30:00] and I call those bread crumb posts.

Because they will lead you to wanting to buy the product that I’m about to launch. And I do that on a runway, which lasts for about six weeks before I even mention what I’m selling. And people don’t do that. And that’s why I sell 10 times more than you, not you, Michelle, the people who are complaining, because all you do is hot, cold.

You’re either absent, absent, absent, or talking about your dog and I love your dog, but then all of a sudden you’re like, ha buy my stuff. And it’s almost like a ghost popping up ah, and I’m like, you need to plant some bread crumbs and get my appetite worked up. Why do the waiters put the bread basket on the table?

Because they’re trying to keep you fed and stay there until the main course is ready. Your content needs to do the same.

Michelle J Raymond: Amen to all of that. I could not agree more. I know that you and I could probably talk about this for hours and hours. And I just wanted to say, [00:31:00] thank you so much for everything that you’ve shared.

We are going to put the details of the courses that Krista’s got coming up. So that if anyone’s interested and you’re about to get serious and you wanna know how you can generate these consistent leads through these funnesl, then Krista is my go to, so I highly recommend that you check those out.

Krista, thank you for coming onto the Good for Business Show and sharing your knowledge with us. I’ve had a blast. I look forward to getting to know you more in the future.

Thank you everyone. Just remember relationships are not outsourceable.

What better note to finish on?

So cheers to that.

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