G.T.C Synergy™️ B2B Community Builder

Your business has big goals and is looking for the competitive edge to deliver results on LinkedIn. Currently, your Company Page is pretty neglected, and you are looking to turn this around.

The G.T.C Synergy™️ B2B Community builder course will give you confidence –

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G.T.C Synergy™️ B2B Community Builder is Suitable For:

This advanced program is suitable for B2B businesses mid to large size that have identified that LinkedIn is a critical marketing strategy that is aligned with your business goals.

Your Page has been active for some time but you are not seeing results. The Page growth has become stagnant and internally you are out of ideas on what to try next. 

Your Page followers has circa 2000 and you have been creating content consistently for a minimum 2-5 years. 

Knowledge is Power. Community is Strength.

Stage 1 – Audit & Alignment

  • Page Audit and report on existing structure, content, employee engagement etc
  • Align your business goals with your social selling strategy

Stage 2 – Training

Topic 1 – Page Admin and Set-Up

  • Setting up branded Pages effectively for 30% more views weekly
  • Page Admins overview
  • Company, Showcase or Product Page? The case for each

Topic 2 – Company Page Content

  • Frequency, content type, content formats overview
  • Building out content pillars aligned to business goals
  • Current best practices for Company Page Content

Topic 3 – Strategies to Build a B2B Community

  • Strategies to build Page Followers and drive engagement

Topic 4 – Page Tools for Employee Advocacy

  • My Company Tab

 Topic 5 – Benchmark Your Performance

  • Understanding LinkedIn Pages Analytics

Stage 3 – Company Page Content Strategy

  • 30-day evergreen content plan

G.T.C Synergy™️ Approach

Good Trading Co runs by the philosophy that LinkedIn should be a part of your business and not take over your business.  The social selling strategy for your Company Page should always be aligned with your business goals.

For a strategy to be effective, it must be simple, easy to execute and form part of a consistent routine. Our philosophy is to take a holistic approach utilising the best features of your Page to build brand awareness and generate leads combined with employee advocacy to accelerate growth.

Set your business up for success.