LinkedIn For Business Foundation Masterclass

The Good Trading Co LinkedIn Masterclass training will teach you how to minimise the time you spend and maximise the opportunities you attract. Perfect for those that are looking for a confidence boost. The Masterclass is designed to deliver not only what to do but also why you should do it. If you don’t understand the why it is easy to overlook the what.

The Good Trading Co LinkedIn proven strategy for success covers:

Completing the Masterclass will give you the confidence to -

Build Your Community

No matter what your goal is for being on LinkedIn, you will need people to get you there. Having the right people will help you arrive faster.

Confidently Create Content

We will step you through the types of content that performs, tips to boost your engagement and pitfalls to avoid. Most of all you will have the confidence to join the 1% of people who create content.

Stay on Track

When time is at a premium you have to have a clear plan to ensure you don't get sidetracked. Get focused on tasks that will pay off.

G.T.C Synergy

Sales Teams Listen Up

The modern digital buyer has information available to them at the stroke of a keyboard. This LinkedIn Masterclass is designed to give you an edge to use LinkedIn to learn how to search for your ideal clients, develop business relationships, uncover opportunities, establish your personal brand in your industry.

Who is this Masterclass for?

Businesses that want to stand out in their industry by building brand awareness for their business and their teams.

Businesses that want to learn how to generate leads on LinkedIn that will lead to opportunities with their ideal customers.


Good Vibes from Clients

Take action today to level up.