G.T.C™️ LinkedIn B2B Strategy

LinkedIn for business is extremely different from LinkedIn for job seekers. That's why your business needs a specialist LinkedIn service designed for business based on our extensive experience.

Good Trading Co tailor-made LinkedIn B2B strategies are designed to –

G.T.C™️ LinkedIn Business Builder

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

G.T.C™️  Method

After working with many business owners, we have formed an approach that ensures there is clarity, cohesion, and a content strategy to deliver real results.

Game Plan – the first step in the process is to dive into your business goals, branding strategy, ideal client persona(s), resources and employees.

Tactical Analysis – a forensic analysis that compares your game plan vs your current output on LinkedIn. This covers your Company Page set-up, Company Page content and review of employee profiles.

Calibration – based on the results of the tactical analysis we set you up powerfully with an action plan that is in full alignment with your business goals.


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