Grow your business on LinkedIn by playing a bigger game

The New Year has arrived with all the fireworks but I must confess I was actually fast asleep. My plan for my break was to relax and rejuvenate and the thought of staying up late was the last thing on my mind.

What I did notice was the longer I rested the more I started to ponder what 2022 would look like for B2B Growth Co. There had been quite a few posts I’d noticed on LinkedIn with people talking about their “Word of the Year”. Not something I’ve ever considered but after some thought, I came up with “Accountability”.

Now accountability isn’t exactly a word at first glance that inspires. The truth is I’m more comfortable with the word “fabulous”. Yet, no matter how hard I tried to replace it, it was the word that stuck in my mind.

I knew it was absolutely the thing that would make a difference in growing B2B Growth Co. It was the one that truth be told kind of scared me. In my head, it normally comes paired with words like “goals” and “plans”. In my mind, they are the natural killers of spontaneity and fun.

So why choose it?

Because deep down it scared me.

Insanity is doing the same thing over

As a business owner, it’s easy to get stuck in the rut or buried in the day to day. It’s easy to justify when you are putting out fires and focussing on clients. Realistically we are all being busy. Is busy the ultimate stay comfortable excuse?

So as I pondered around the idea of “accountability” I realised this really meant nothing if there was nothing in place to be held accountable to. For this to all work I was going to need to reframe the context to something more inspiring.

First step, define B2B Growth Co’s mission.

2022 B2B Growth Co Mission

The mission for me had to be something inspiring. Something that would pull the business forward and make it feel like there was a purpose. I’m a self confessed do-gooder so this plays to my strengths.

During my reflections I also realised that what I could offer business owners was more than my expert knowledge of LinkedIn Pages. I’m passionate about sales and social selling and having 15+ years in traditional sales roles and nearly 10 years of social selling expertise I wanted to offer I was certain I wanted to include this. 

The bigger I thought about sharing all of my skills the more exciting it was. It became crystal clear that helping businesses utilise LinkedIn to drive business growth was the path I wanted to take. LinkedIn Pages would form the foundation but there would be so much more.

You will start to notice some changes in the content that we put out at B2B Growth Co. Putting it out there, B2B Growth Co is playing a much bigger game.

B2B Growth Co is on a mission to help businesses globally grow their business and create more meaningful employment. Communities will thrive making them better for all.

There I said it. It’s out there. It’s a fact that I want to create a financially successful business as well as one that I can be proud of its impact and build a legacy.

Top 3 Actions to Launch B2B Growth Co Mission.

Words alone won’t bring this mission to life. It will only come to life with actions. So the steps I will take –

  1. Time to get real about strategy and plans. Work with my business partner to take the list I have created and prioritise, diarise and implement.
  2. Schedule monthly sessions with my mentor to ensure I focus on priorities and delivery. Having someone independent of B2B Growth Co that has no bias is priceless.
  3. Enrol my community of supporters in on my mission. Ask for their help to cheer me along the way, kick my butt if I’m not keeping my word, be a sounding board for creativity and generally make sure that I’m always reminded this is why I’m doing what I’m doing.

So I’m asking those of you that are reading or listening to this, to become part of my community of supporters to help make this happen. This mission is bigger than me alone and I know there are others that can contribute and help make a difference.

Have You Being Playing Small in Your Business?

Take a moment and think about your business. Are there ideas you have been sitting on waiting for the “perfect” time to get started? Is there something you know if you did would make a difference to the clients you wish to serve? It keeps niggling away but you push it to the back of your mind because it scares you?

What action could you take that would be the first step in making this happen? Big or small it really doesn’t matter. It could be sharing the idea with someone, creating a LinkedIn post, writing your course draft or asking someone for help. For some of you it will actually just be giving yourself a good kick up the butt.

It’s a new year and with that comes a fresh start. Let’s make 2022 the year that we press play instead of the pause button.

LinkedIn Can Help You Achieve Your Mission

LinkedIn is an amazing tool. Some of the ways you can use it to achieve your business mission –

  • Building a community
  • Starting collaborations
  • Research
  • Social selling and content marketing.

Yes there are so many other ways it can be used but this will get you started.

If you need help with understanding how to do this on LinkedIn then B2B Growth Co has Masterclass training and consulting available to help you put together your strategy and fill in any knowledge gaps you might have.

Be inspired, be brave and be the business owner that celebrates your achievements at the end of the year.

I’d love to hear your mission in the comments. Maybe someone reading it will reach out and want to join you on your mission. They could also be the ideal client you want to help with your business.

Sieze the day!


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Michelle J Raymond is the Chief LinkedIn Strategist at her company B2B Growth Co and a founding member of the LinkedIn Small Business Advisory Council for LinkedIn Pages. Michelle specialises in helping business owners make a real impact in business. As a leading global authority on LinkedIn Pages, her passion is to change the world by doing good business with good people.