From little things big things grow

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From little things BIG things grow

I’ve been holding off writing this first newsletter, in part to avoid rush hour of the thousands of notifications and in part because the last month has flown by. In my newsletter, I want to share my thoughts on how you get the most out of LinkedIn. Beyond the features and functionality.

I believe it is as much about your mindset as understanding how to create the perfect post or attempting to know more than the algorithm. How you approach things will have a significant impact on your results.

One of the biggest lessons that I have learnt myself this year as I complete my second year as a business owner is “from little things BIG things grow”. Disclaimer – for this to happen you are going to need a tonne of patience, a good dose of discipline, a team of supporters and did I mention patience?

At the start of January 2021, I had very few followers for my LinkedIn Company Page for Good Trading Co. In a moment of madness, I deleted the original Page that I had created earlier in 2020 as my new businesses took a turn – or should I say “pivot” given it’s the word of 2021?

So back to zero followers. One by one I had to grow my Good Trading Co followers. Not the easiest thing to do when company pages weren’t exactly the cool kid on the block that everyone was flocking to. It now has 1346 followers.

The second example was creating my Good Trading Co YouTube channel. To customise the URL you need 100 subscribers. Shouldn’t be that hard I thought to myself. WRONG! It would take the effort of asking people directly to follow, posts on LinkedIn promoting it and didn’t happen overnight. But it did happen and as of today, I have 138 followers.

Here is the proof – (feel free to subscribe)

As they say “Don’t compare your day one with someone else’s day 100.

But wait there’s more. I joined Clubhouse, then I left, then I rejoined. I started with zero followers and now that number is 650. Follow me @michellegtc

Let’s add Instagram to the 2021 mix. I joined Instagram as Clubhouse was directing the traffic that way and not directly to LinkedIn. I thought it might be good to have another channel in case something happened and I lost my LinkedIn account.

Today’s grand total of followers is now 324. I don’t think I’ll call myself an IG influencer just yet but I do have fun in a different way on that platform as it isn’t “work”. Find me on there @good_trading_co

The last one to add in that also started at zero not that long ago was Twitter. Sit down for this one. Grand total of 63 followers. Still not sure what I’m doing on there but have actually found I learn things from having an expanded network. Find me – @good_trading_co

My point is – I’m no different to anyone else. We all start with zero followers. There are plenty of people that have way more followers than me on all of these platforms.

There will be days where you will fall into the comparison trap on social media. It’s up to you to keep going and do the work. The persistence will pay off even if you can’t see it or don’t get likes and comments.

Man mining for diamonds who gives up too early and misses the diamonds

2022 can be your year on LinkedIn if you do the work and put in the effort. At Good Trading Co we offer LinkedIn training to help get you results faster by implementing best practice strategies and supporting your learning.

If you are looking to level up on LinkedIn in 2022 then my invitation is to book a time for us to connect and work out how we can help your business and employees grow on LinkedIn.

You have access to my personal calendar to make an appointment here.

Whatever you do – Don’t give up! We can do this together if you take action.

Wishing you Good Vibes!