LinkedIn For Business Tips – Podcast Show Notes

Episode Overview Using LinkedIn to attract opportunities to build your business is different to those looking to build their personal brand. At the same time, it is important you also ensure that you help support employees to grow their standing in the industry. Host Michelle J Raymond discusses with this week’s guest Louise Brogan from […]

Build a B2B Community on LinkedIn with Good Trading Co

Why You Should Be Building a B2B Community on LinkedIn

Did you know that it was around 10,000 years ago, it’s believed that humans went from nomadic wanderers to villages and togetherness? So what has this got to do with LinkedIn and LinkedIn Company Pages, you ask? Put simply – we like to do “stuff” together. We like to belong. Communities of all types exist […]

Lessons with MJR - LinkedIn Pages Mythbusters

LinkedIn Company Pages Mythbusters

Before we go any further, I just want to share that this week I was giving myself a high-five for hosting a super successful LinkedIn Live event. If you follow my content you know I do weekly shows and sometimes multiple so why was this one such a big deal? It was a big deal […]

Linkedin Pages Mythbusters - Good for Business Show

LinkedIn Pages Mythbusters – with Michelle Berg – Podcast Show Notes

Episode Overview There are almost 60 million LinkedIn Company Pages today. This week the Good for Business Show asks Michelle Berg (Product Marketing – LinkedIn Pages) some questions we would all love the answers to. Is organic reach so low because LinkedIn wants us to spend money on ads? Does LinkedIn only care about Pages […]