Nurturing Networks: Harness the Power of Nurturing to Skyrocket Your Social Selling Results

B2B Social Selling The Power of Social Selling on LinkedIn People often ask me, “Michelle, you have co-written a book on LinkedIn Company Pages (Business Gold – Book), and the next book on LinkedIn Branding (THE LINKEDIN BRANDING BOOK by #MichelleSquared), what will be the third book you write?” While I’m not planning on doing […]


LinkedIn Newsletters for B2B Growth – Are They Worth It? (2023)

Just over two years ago, I went out hard on LinkedIn Company Pages long before anyone else, seeing them as an untapped business resource. That certainly has proven true. I’ll put it out there that LinkedIn newsletters, often shunned by the majority, are a feature you should consider seriously as part of your content strategy. […]


Uncovering the Top New Features for LinkedIn Company Pages in 2023

LinkedIn Company Pages – State of Play The latest figures from LinkedIn show there are now 900M LinkedIn members on the platform and close to 69M Company Pages. (Source). Engagement levels also report up by almost 20%, revenue is up, and it’s safe to say the platform continues to thrive. If you want to use […]


Recession Proof Your Business with LinkedIn Company Pages (2023)

Will this be the year of financial doom and gloom that has been predicted? Even if you don’t think so within your own business, are you prepared if your customers are assuming it will be? 2023 could be a year of challenges as B2B buyers potentially have budgets cut and reduce discretionary spending. The market […]