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LinkedIn Company Pages

If you own a business – YES! Setting up a Company Page is free and easy. There are many advantages to having a Page for organic search, company brand awareness, attracting top employee talent, building your industry thought leadership.

If your ideal client is a professional or another business the answer is YES! However, understanding your business goals, resources, future plans will allow us to advise how much effort you should put in on the content side of things. 

There is much more to LinkedIn that likes/comments. Comparing Company Pages to Personal Profiles is like comparing apples to oranges. We will teach you how to get the most out of both by using them in combination. 

We will do our best to minimise the time and resources involved. During the initial stages expect around 1-1.5 hours with this reducing as systems and processes are implemented. It gets quicker and easier as we learn more about your business and build up trust. 

Absolutely. We use a content scheduling tool so you always have access.

We work flexible hours that cover the various global time zones. With the use of a content scheduler we ensure that your content is posted at the best possible local time. 

Payments & Invoicing

Good Trading Co accept the following currencies for payment –

  • AUD
  • NZD
  • USD
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • CHF

If you would like to pay in a currency not listed please contact us. 

For the majority of our services we will require payment upfront.

This will be put forward in detail as part of our proposal to work together. 

Absolutely. A copy will be emailed upfront with payment options and details included. 

If you are a company in Australia we will charge GST. 

As we are an Australian registered company no other taxes are charged for online services.


Who are the Good Traders?

The Good Traders are a trusted network of professionals we work closely with.  We wanted to ensure our clients were able to work with the best of the best.

In most cases, this is a straight referral where you will deal directly with our partner to ensure the process is seamless.

Finding good businesses to deal with can often be painful. We have been through that process and found the best of the best. Why not share this experience with our clients to not only save them time but also ensure they could deal with high quality vendors. 

We will do the introduction with our Good Traders to ensure that you are able to access the best possible prices. 

LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

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