Client Testimonials

We had Michelle teach a webinar training about LinkedIn for our membership and she really delivered! I was very impressed by the structure of her presentation, her teaching style, and the way she gave really actionable advice that could work for just about anyone. I was extremely pleased and hope to work with her again soon!
Awesome course from Michelle that took me through the real changes I can make to how I an be far more effective with my LinkedIn channel. Especially good for B2B businesses. Highly recommend.
Michelle is someone I really respect and, I gotta say, I learn from her on a daily level just by reading her posts. I've been on her podcast, and she'll be a speak at a web summit I'm organizing, so I really recommend you work with her if you need to leverage LinkedIn pages, social selling, and everything related to establishing your brand on LinkedIn.
Michelle is our Linkedin whisperer. We managed to build a nice following on the platform over the years, but Michelle helped us unlock the full potential by optimizing profiles, sharing best practices, gently nudging us to focus on our strategy for the platform, and constantly being a cheerleader for our success. Linkedin can feel like a black box. Having someone, we can rely on to keep us on top of what's happening has been invaluable. A bonus is that her enthusiasm and positivity are contagious.
I'm delighted to recommend Michelle as THE expert on LinkedIn company pages. Her understanding of the platform is unparalleled, and her ability to help companies benefit from it is nothing short of remarkable. Michelle's knowledge of how company pages can positively impact your website's SEO and overall business credibility is truly impressive. Her insights on the subject are invaluable, and her strategies have helped countless businesses achieve tremendous success. But what truly sets Michelle apart is her passion for what she does. She approaches her work with enthusiasm and dedication, and her commitment to helping her clients achieve their goals is truly inspiring. If you are looking for someone who can help you harness the power of LinkedIn to grow your business and enhance your online presence, Michelle J Raymond is the person you need. Her expertise, coupled with her passion and commitment, make her a rare gem in the industry, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to achieve their business goals.
Michelle showed us how packed 2 hours could be 🙂 The training was so informative and fun. She also showed us why we must be out of our comfort zone. I definitely recommend the LinkedIn Foundation Masterclass if you are trying to grow your business but don't know where to start
Michelle is one of the few LinkedIn experts I know that is genuinely passionate about helping others succeed on LinkedIn. If you want to stand above your competitors, working with Michelle is the real deal. Highly recommended!
Michelle recently presented a Masterclass on LinkedIn Company Pages for the members of our Paid Community, The TRIBE. Expectations were high, since many of them are LinkedIn experts, but she managed to exceed them. Besides a calm, highly professional presentation, she shared her knowledge in an enthusiastic way. Providing answers to all questions of the audience and giving tips and various strategies to convert more from your Page. In my 80k network, Michelle is the woman to go for this subject!
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Michelle to deliver bespoke LinkedIn training modules for our organisation. Michelle understood our needs and delivered engaging and relatable training sessions with our core objectives and purpose in mind. We love that Michelle works with organisations who are 'doing good' and making a positive impact in society. Tyre Stewardship Australia is looking forward to collaborating with Michelle in the near future, including working together to build a social media/LinkedIn strategy. Thank you, Michelle, for your expertise and knowledge in this space.
Michelle gave me a bespoke training in company pages and it was amazing! Michelle imparted so much knowledge, she really knows her stuff! Not only that, Michelle's teaching style is relaxed, informal and very easy to follow. I highly recommend Michelle as a company pages LinkedIn trainer! Thank you Michelle, you're amazing!
Michelle has been fabulous to work with! LinkedIn is a powerful tool, however, to the uninitiated many of the features are not utilised effectively - this is exactly Michelle has been instrumental in building the profile and social footprint for BlueFire AI which continues to build momentum.
I spent two hours with Michelle learning about how to maximise what Linked In can do for me without having to sacrifice authenticity, or too much time and effort. Time very well spent!
Another LinkedIn trainer and I booked a session with Michelle to ensure that we were up to speed on all the new features of LinkedIn pages and we were not disappointed! Gained some golden nuggets and the 2 hours sped by - can wholeheartedly recommend Michelle in terms of knowledge and value.
Michelle is great, she is very personable and knows LinkedIn. Michelle presents advice and guidance in an easy to understand and use way. I would highly recommend Michelle both professionally and as a person.
Michelle is fantastic and really knows her stuff around LinkedIn. Following our training it is hugely reassuring to have clarity around what to focus on, rather than drowning in all the things we think we should be focusing on! If anyone is looking to increase their business presence on LinkedIn I highly recommend working with Michelle.
Power hour? More like SUPER power hour! Michelle is absolutely the person to go to for all things Company Pages on LinkedIn. Not only is she completely knowledgeable, but her passion for them is contagious. After one hour with her, I'm convinced pages are NECESSARY for business success. I learned so many things outside my own awareness and was inspired to GO LIVE ASAP on my business page! I highly recommend working with her - teams, 1:1, businesses alike... don't wait... GO! Get on her calendar now!
Would highly recommend Michelle’s LinkedIn company pages training. She really knows her stuff and gave me so many useful insights into the LinkedIn algorithm, company page content strategy, and how to get that all-important engagement. She provided clear action points for me and my colleagues to work on and she has improved my confidence and understanding around LinkedIn tenfold. Thanks so much Michelle!
Michelle gave me her book after a workshop she ran about LinkedIn and brand awareness. I now feel confident after reading Business Gold that I’m on the right track and not making silly mistakes with LinkedIn, while also being able to apply new things I’ve learnt to take my game to the next level.
One LinkedIn trainer stands out from the rest when advocating a strategy for the best use of LinkedIn Company pages - Michelle J Raymond! I recently took the opportunity to take Michelle's advanced course and enjoyed every minute of it. I have not been one to understand or appreciate the benefits of what can be achieved through the use of the Company page, but Michelle raised the bar for me. I am certainly now much better informed on how to improve and deploy a strategy to improve the outcomes of Company page communication. Her delivery is calm and informed, and we had some fun too. I highly recommend Michelle if you want to maximise your use and understanding of LinkedIn Company Pages.
I have just finished the Linkedin Masterclass with Michelle. What a great way to understand more about the power of LinkedIn, for me and my business. Michelle, I found our session insightful and very well prepared. I have come away with a number of "golden nuggets" that will help me on my Linkedin journey. Time for me to get cracking. Thanks again, and can highly recommend it.
Working with Michelle puts fun into the otherwise daunting social media experience. It's clear she not only enjoys her career, she excels at it, going above and beyond with every new question I sent her way. She's a top-notch professional, who despite our time difference (she's 15 hours ahead of me time-wise and light years in tech savvy) she's always prompt to respond. Michelle knows the LinkedIn platform inside and out. With her expert strategy, I've grown my following by 5,000 within 2 months - and it's increasing daily. She taught me the importance of being genuine in my content, engaging authentically with others' posts and how to record and upload videos to the platform. My time with Michelle has been productive, engaging and a positive experience. Michelle is an amazing professional who's top in her line of work and I will most certainly work with again. I highly recommend hiring her and Good Trading CO LinkedIn Company Pages to meet your needs.
We enlisted Michelle to help us with our company page. It’s safe to say that she was absolutely amazing and knew about everything and anything! Our statistics for our first month saw an increase in activity, impressions, custom button clicks, and all the rest. Michelle also taught me personally how to write for LinkedIn and it was truly the best learning from someone with so much expertise. She has such insightful information on the entire platform and the team at In-Tec can’t recommend her highly enough!
For anyone looking to utilise LinkedIn as part of an effective marketing strategy, I highly recommend Michelle. Her advice is cutting-edge and delivered in a way that is easy to follow, even if you have minimal LinkedIn experience. Michelle provided actionable tips and valuble resources that empowered me and my team to use LinkedIn effectively on a consistent basis. After the session I looked at LinkedIn in a whole new way. If you do any kind of marketing on LinkedIn, Michelle will help you make the most of the platform.
If you're looking to learn everything LinkedIn company page wise, look no more!! You are on the right track hands down being coached by Michelle J. Raymond. I recently joined The Holt, Founded by Lea Turner. Lea offers guest speakers with her Master Classes if you're a member of The Holt (side-note, a must join!) and Michelle spoke for an hour with 30-minutes of Q&A. Michelle is a stellar speaker, a patient teacher, and full of LinkedIn company page WISDOM. There are coaches upon coaches available, and I believe whole-heartedly in investing in yourself and your business. Michelle has a niche, and is an expert regarding LinkedIn company page growth!! I highly recommend her services. Powerful stuff!! As Michelle quoted "get ahead of your competition" with LinkedIn company pages!!
Michelle provided our social media staff a LinkedIn Masterclass which was incredibly informative but more importantly for us, was very practical. It provided a ‘hands-on’ session where the staff were able to put theory into practice and clearly understand the techniques. The staff were highly engaged and very motivated after the training whereby they implemented the learned techniques immediately. Already we are getting results around our key objective of increasing followers and gaining greater post engagement. I highly recommend this training to any business that wants to engage with their customers on a deeper level, thank you Michelle!🥇🥇🥇
Now here's a lady that really knows her stuff! Having just had a power hour with Michelle, I'm feeling much more confident about my Company Page. She gave lots of tips on how to improve both my page and my LinkedIn content in general. Well worth my investment. Thanks Michelle!
If you would like to know all about LinkedIn and where it can take you, your business or both. I would highly recommend a training session with Michelle, she is generous in her sharing of knowledge and offers tailored examples to get you going faster! Thanks Michelle it was inspirational, educational and FUNTASTIC!
When seeking advice on using LinkedIn as a platform for growth and development both for my own business (PharmaScope Pty Ltd) and on behalf of The Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists, I've found Michelle to be extremely professional, knowledgable and helpful. Michelle is open minded, resourceful, and generous with the information she imparts, possesses a enthusiasm for her work which can not be denied, and is genuine and true to the business she is creating. If you are looking to explore what opportunities the LinkedIn platform could provide to grow your own business, need advice around strategies or want to outsource your content, I highly recommend investing the time to reach out to the Good Trading Co - the name says it all 🙂
Michelle is not only #linkedin awesome, but she is also an amazingly awesome human being. Professional, personable, kind, insightful, and walks her talk. I'd collaborate and work with Michelle again on any given day! Michelle's LinkedIn and video presence is hard to scroll by and in fact, I never do. There is always so much value and thought leadership making each piece of content worth reading or watching. She understands value and I really admire her passion and the thoughtfulness she gives her clients and community. If you have the opportunity to work with Michelle or be a guest on her show, I can tell you from experience that it's only going to benefit you, your LinkedIn, and your business. Get onto her podcast and youtube channel too. There is so much good stuff there! My time with Michelle summed up in 3 words; meaningful, actionable, and impactful. Love your work!