Client Article Number 1 and Why

There is no doubt that 2020 has been the year of change. For many, COVID-19 has had a devastating impact and these changes were not by choice. For others, this moment of pause was used to reflect and begin to create much bigger plans.

No doubt, it takes an enormous amount of self-confidence to start a new business from scratch at the best of times. To start during 2020 even more so. Yet, #1 And Why (Number 1 And Why) have done exactly this.

Co-founders Jarrod Abbott and Melinda Tizzone share over two decades experience in delivering outstanding results for the various companies they have worked for. Both are highly driven in their own unique way. They are now committed to delivering successful outcomes for their own clients.

#1 And Why (Number 1 And Why) was created to work with individuals and businesses who want to excel in sales, service and communication.  They believe that training should be innovative, dynamic, inspiring and drive success.

The team have created a wide range of workshops that include 1-on-1 coaching, brand building, team motivation, behavioural profiling, B2B excellence, sales strategies and execution, mentoring, train the trainer, succession planning, coaching and development and more.​

As an attendee at one of #1 And Why (Number 1 And Why) bespoke training event, you enter the room and there is palpable energy in the air. The music playing gets your attention. It lifts your spirits and heightens your awareness. There is a feeling something big is about to happen.

Looking around the room the first thing you notice is that no detail has been left untouched. The chairs are perfectly aligned so all attendees can see the presenter clearly. The work folder has been placed in the same spot in the same way on each of the chairs. Both Melinda and Jarrod introduce themselves and greet each guest personally. It begins exactly on time.

Jarrod kicks off the presentation and immediately you will be drawn in. Yes, he is a natural presenter, but do not judge this book by its cover. What becomes more apparent is exactly how well prepared he is for the event. Each word has been intentionally selected to clearly articulate each considered point.

This does not mean for one moment that the time is not enjoyable. Personal stories to demonstrate the point are interwoven to bring a smile. A perfect balance of education and entertainment allows Jarrod to hold your attention.

The group exercises are buzzing with excitement as lightbulb moments begin to show. Each member is learning and laughing as they apply the learning to their own life.

Melinda presents the second half of the workshop. Her style is her own and she exudes confidence. Her part of the presentation creates the balance between their two styles. You see the genuine enjoyment she gets from sharing the lessons of #1 And Why (Number 1 And Why) with the group.

Her commitment to attendees getting value from what is being delivered is obvious. Sharing her own examples that easily connect with the audience and deliver the promised outcomes of the session. The tools given are easily applied and highly valuable.

The continued success of #1 And Why (Number 1 And Why) will be their absolute commitment to helping businesses excel, especially in trying times. Their gift is their ability to impart the knowledge that gives them confidence to succeed to other businesses to achieve their goals too.

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