Good for Business Show - INFLUENCE AS A FORCE FOR GOOD

Build Influence on LinkedIn

Episode Overview Learn how you can use LinkedIn to build something more powerful than followers. You can build a community. A community that will trust your words and be inspired to take action. Host Michelle J Raymond discusses with this week’s guest Lea Turner at Lea Does LinkedIn the lessons she has learned in building […]


Tips to Stand Out for Over 50’s on LinkedIn

Episode Overview There is a powerful group on LinkedIn that have a wealth of experience and knowledge from within their industry. Yet they didn’t have the benefit of growing up a digital native. For those that go it alone as a consultant, it can make you doubt your expertise in an online world where everyone […]


LinkedIn Survival Guide for Empaths – Podcast Show Notes

Episode Overview Not everyone loves the spotlight. Nor does everyone enjoy creating content. This can especially be the case for the empaths, the highly sensitive people, and the introverts among us navigating LinkedIn. Host Michelle J Raymond discusses different strategies that can be used on LinkedIn to get results and also be mindful of what […]

5 BIGGEST MONEY BLOCKS - Podcast Show Notes

5 Biggest Money Blocks – Podcast Show Notes

Episode Overview Are you stressed you are not making enough money in your business? Wondering where your next client will come from? Working your butt off but know you are undercharging for your products and services. Tired pretending to be someone you are not hoping that anyone and everyone will buy from you.   If […]