Speak Up Even if your voice shakes

How LinkedIn Company Pages can help when employees are anxious about posting.

When I was young I spent a lot of time with my Grandma. She had a huge impact on my life. This is where my love for both gardening and words came from. We spent hours and hours, actually, years is more accurate reading together, playing word games like Scrabble and Boggle together. For the […]

Increase Your LinkedIn Page Followers with this Simple Button

7 Ways to Grow Your Business With LinkedIn Company Pages

Basic Overview of LinkedIn Company Pages LinkedIn Company Pages aka LinkedIn Pages are an excellent way for business to market themselves and their products. Companies can create company pages on LinkedIn that will allow them to show off their products, find customers, and connect with potential job seekers. The Page is free for companies of […]

Each of us is a unique piece of the LinkedIn puzzle.

Embrace Your Uniqueness to Get Results on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Newsletter Lesson 2 – Each of us is a unique piece in the LinkedIn puzzle. With all the COVID-19 lockdowns we have had here in Sydney over the last couple of years, we have had to find new ways to entertain ourselves for extended periods of time at home. Yes, this included COVID pets […]

From little things big things grow

Start Building Your Business on LinkedIn Today

From little things BIG things grow I’ve been holding off writing this first newsletter, in part to avoid rush hour of the thousands of notifications and in part because the last month has flown by. In my newsletter, I want to share my thoughts on how you get the most out of LinkedIn. Beyond the […]