Can’t Find LinkedIn Company Page

Why can't I find my LinkedIn Company Page to add to my LinkedIn Profile Work Experience?

Congratulations! You have just set up your LinkedIn Company Page. 

Bonus Points if you followed all the steps outlined in Business Gold: Build Awareness, Authority and Advantage with LinkedIn Company Pages. (Get your copy on Amazon here.)

You have followed the instructions and head back to the LinkedIn Profile to update the Work Experience section to get rid of the grey buildings, and you find zip, nada, nothing…

You go back and check the search bar and find the LinkedIn Company Page exists. Thinking you might have gone crazy, you go back to the LinkedIn Profile. 

You type the business name slowly into the name field (as someone told you, that can work – yes, it’s a thing), and still, the LinkedIn Company Page is missing. 

Add Work Experience On LinkedIn Profile Good Trading Co

Why Is My LinkedIn Company Page Missing When I update my Profile?

Here’s why your LinkedIn Company Page can’t be found – 

LinkedIn gives each Company Page a “relevancy score”. From their perspective they want you to only get shown the cream of the crop.

Hoping this will be the minority of cases but with the flurry of new Company Pages getting created this might help someone else out there.

What do you need to do to increase your LinkedIn Page relevancy score?

Whilst there isn’t an exact science to fixing this issue these are the recommended actions that we have found seem to hurry the process along. 

1.  Get some new Page followers quickly by using invites.

2. Put some content out from the Page to build up activity levels.

3. The age of the Page also impacts but not a lot you can do about this. 

⚠️ Most important is the uniqueness of the Page name.

Not always possible to change this given you may have a well-established business and you aren’t going to change because of this.

No, we do not recommend changing your business name to fit in with this.

How Can I Make My Company Page Appear?

In most cases, we have seen that the issue resolves itself with some time. Unfortunately, there is no rhyme or reason to how long this takes. In some cases, a few hours; in some cases, a few weeks. 

Some LinkedIn Company Pages with very common names may need to contact LinkedIn Help to set up an alternative search name. (not ideal)

If you need to contact LinkedIn Help you can contact them here


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