Business Gold: Build Awareness, Authority and Advantage with LinkedIn Company Pages

Amazon International Best Seller Business Gold is the world’s first book dedicated to the undiscovered goldmine of LinkedIn Pages. Business Gold explains how you can take advantage to promote your brand, generate leads and gain the edge over your competition.

From why you should take pages seriously to examples of Company Page excellence, this book takes you through the process of setting up your LinkedIn Company Page and how to leverage it in your marketing.

Business Gold is a true testament to the power of LinkedIn. Through a series of fortunate events, the authors came together and utilised the best of each other’s skills to help others learn from their experience and knowledge.

LinkedIn Company Pages continue to evolve with new features rapidly. Business Gold pulls together all of these features in a simple, easy to follow guide. 

Business Gold is a practical, “no fluff” approach and is summarised at the end of each chapter with gold nuggets for the reader to take away. 

We continue to see more focus from the LinkedIn Pages team to enhance LinkedIn Company Pages further, and both authors are excited to see what the future holds. 

If you would like some further insight into this check out this video with the LinkedIn Pages team.

Paula Brand

I highly recommend Business GOLD: Build awareness, authority and advantage with LinkedIn Company Pages by Michelle J. Raymond and Lynnaire Johnston if you want to explore LinkedIn Pages and take your company page to the next level. The book offers practical steps with easy-to-follow instructions from two women who know LinkedIn extremely well. I was excited to come across this book by happenstance. It was just what I needed. Even though I know LinkedIn quite well and I fully understand how to leverage a personal profile, I was clueless when it came to the company pages. This book explains why any business from a small entrepreneurial venture to a fortune 500 can benefit from utilizing this platform. I had started a business page about a year ago, but I was frustrated with the platform and had given up. Then I heard about this book, bought it and read it. The book answered many of the questions I had and explained in detail why it was worth an investment of my time. I have started to build my page and will continue to leverage the value of LinkedIn Pages for my small business.

Yvonne Kucher
Yvonne Kucher Designation

If you are a small business, solopreneur, coach, or consultant, you should buy this book to learn how to create a LinkedIn company page for potential customers, clients, and employees. There is no cost to set up a company page, making this a great simple alternative to a company website. Often your LinkedIn company page will show up on page one of a Google search for your company name. This short book contains everything you need to know about company pages. You will learn how to set up your company page, how your company page differs from your profile, what belongs on your company page, the future of company pages, company pages to follow, and lots more. Because my company is brand new, it has not gained any brand awareness. I will use this book to create my page, I will invite my connections to follow my page, and I look forward to gaining visibility and recognition from Business Gold. Business Gold is pure gold!