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I QUIT!  Right on the spot. The business owner I worked for reneged on a $2M deal I had secured. In business, you only have your reputation, and I wanted to protect mine no matter what. 

At that moment, I decided it was time to start my own business and create a force for good. It wasn’t easy to work out what the company would be.


I did what I always did. I reached out to help a LinkedIn connection with tips to improve her content on LinkedIn.

I was lucky that her response was, “Michelle, how do you know all of that? I wish I could learn from you.”

This question was my lightbulb moment. The idea was borne.

B2B GROWTH CO was created to offer LinkedIn B2B Growth Strategies and LinkedIn Training for organisations to become the go-to choice in their industry. 

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A Values Driven Company

From day one our values have guided our ground breaking client work. 

Every step of the way B2B GROWTH CO has been based on our mission to do “Good Business with Good People”.  We are determined to be a company that delivers above the industry standard. Committed to bringing our clients innovative solutions to ensure they achieve their LinkedIn goals. 

Meet The B2B GROWTH CO Team

When you own a business, you realise that it takes more than subject matter expertise. A stand out company also pays attention to detail in the day to day. At B2B GROWTH CO, we have that winning combination. Two complementary skill sets come together to deliver LinkedIn expertise that runs smoothly. 


Michelle J Raymond

Founder - LinkedIn B2B Trainer & Strategist

Classic front of house. You will find Michelle – creating content, podcast host, LinkedIn Live producer, LinkedIn Pages Expert Speaker, and LinkedIn trainer. Michelle loves to connect and have conversations, especially those that lead to collaborations and ultimately build communities.


Liliane Abboud

Head of Operations

Classic back of house. You won’t necessarily see Liliane. As an introvert, she prefers to stay in the background. She brings everything together to ensure B2B GROWTH CO provides the best customer service and that everything runs smoothly. A master organiser, who takes care of LinkedIn Event set-up, will schedule your training and looks after finance.

LinkedIn for B2B Growth

Having spent 20+ years in B2B sales leadership roles, with eight of those social selling on LinkedIn, it was impossible to understand why no LinkedIn trainers were talking about the benefits of LinkedIn Company Pages and building business brands on the platform. 

B2B GROWTH CO was established in 2020 during the peak of COVID-19. The influx of businesses to LinkedIn during this period was phenomenal. As the number one, most trusted B2B platform it was the place to be. 

Having identified early the potential of building company brands on LinkedIn, B2B GROWTH CO-Founder Michelle J Raymond remains an expert authority in this space. 

Our B2B Clients


B2B GROWTH CO is based in Sydney, Australia. However, we work with clients globally. Our goal is to work with organisations in as many of the 200 countries and territories that LinkedIn operates in. To date, it has been 15 countries. Maybe yours is next?


Your Personal Invitation

If you are ready to get started but have a few questions on how we could work best together, book a kick off chat today. I'm more than happy to answer your questions to ensure you make your decision confidently. Cheers Michelle