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It’s been almost eight years since I started creating LinkedIn content. During this time, I have researched and tested more tools and applications than I can recall. For me, tools to create content should make the process easier. I’m judging the tools and apps on whether they allow me to create LinkedIn content in the most efficient way possible and to the highest standard with my skill set.

There is no point in buying an expensive piece of software if you do not have the skill set to use it or if it would distract you too much trying to figure it out. The best content is the content that is out there for others to see. It doesn’t have to be “perfect.”

I’m sharing the tools I use that serve me well and that I believe are a good place for most LinkedIn content creators to start. They are a mixture of free and paid and for the most part, would suit beginners and onwards.

The LinkedIn for B2B Growth podcast episode below discusses this in more detail if you prefer to listen in.

Tools to Save Time Creating LinkedIn Content

The best way to save time is to have a system for saving your ideas. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but having them in one place will help you. A notebook, phone notes, or like me, a Remarkable; all will do the trick. Not having to always look for ideas will save you more time than you think.

Answer The Public is a website you need to keep handy to research ideas. Find out what questions people are searching on Google in whatever topic you choose. Voila – write a piece of content that answers the question with your subject matter expertise.

Batching LinkedIn Content Creation

Batching content is a process where rather than create a post daily at the time you post, you sit down at the time that works best for you and put together several posts for the week or maybe two weeks. How does this save time?

Batching allows you to set up once and be focused on this one task. Work when you are “in the zone”, and this may not always be the best time to post for your audience. In my case, I like to write on a Saturday or Sunday morning but post during the week.

To do this, use a third-party scheduling tool. I use Social Pilot as I found it the best bang for my buck for working with clients. For individuals, you may explore other tools like Meet Edgar, and there is even a scheduling tool within Canva.

Tools to Create Quality Images, Carousels/Sliders, Infographics

Speaking of Canva, when creating content on LinkedIn for your posts or your LinkedIn Company Page posts, you will need to embrace Canva. Yes, outsourcing is an option, but for the frequency and how long the content lasts in the feed, it does not always give you a good return on that investment.

For carousel posts or slider posts as they are sometimes known, I use a different tool called Contentdrips. This continues to expand and bring other LinkedIn format-friendly templates that are easily customised. There are currently some lifetime deals that are a great offer. Usama Khalid always listens to feedback, and improvements keep coming.

Tools to Create Videos with Subtitles

Making content accessible has so many different benefits for your brand. If you want to learn more, Juana Poareo is a champion in this space, so give her a follow. Having video content with subtitles allows those with hearing impairment to follow along. Did you also know that around 80% of users watch videos with the sound off?

Depending on the project, I either use Kapwing or Descript for subtitles, both on desktop.

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Tools to Write with Confidence

If you are someone that doesn’t post because you aren’t confident with your writing. Grammarly is for you. It will let you know any spelling or grammar errors that are easily fixed with the click of a button. Don’t let the fear of a spelling mistake, or if English is your second language and you aren’t 100% confident that you will get it right stop you from sharing your thought leadership on LinkedIn.

Best Tool for Repurposing LinkedIn Content

When you create LinkedIn content, you need to think of ways to make it last as long as possible and stretch as far as possible. Repurposing is the answer. Whilst many of the tools included in this article will also be able to help you repurpose, my current favourite is Descript.

Taking a LinkedIn Live (I use Streamyard) and turning it into a podcast, audiogram, short clip, or transcript text is just some of the many ways it can be used.

Tools are NOT the Roadblock

If you are having trouble getting started creating content on LinkedIn for you or your business, not having the right tools is not the reason. LinkedIn gives you everything you need within the platform, and the tools mentioned today will just make the process easier and give you confidence.

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Happy Creating!

Cheers 😄

Michelle J Raymond


Michelle J Raymond is the Chief LinkedIn Strategist at B2B GROWTH CO and a founding member of the LinkedIn Small Business Advisory Council for LinkedIn Pages. Michelle specialises in helping business owners make a real impact. As a leading global authority and best-selling author on LinkedIn Pages, her passion is to change the world by doing good business with good people.

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