7 Proven Ways To Grow Your Business With LinkedIn Company Pages

Basic Overview of LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn Company Pages, aka LinkedIn Pages, is an excellent way for business to market themselves and their products. Companies can create company pages on LinkedIn that will allow them to show off their products, find customers, and connect with potential job seekers.

The Page is free for companies of all sizes and industries to maintain. The initial set-up will only take around 30 minutes.

If you haven’t already set up your LinkedIn Page, Good Trading Co has created a simple guide that you can find here that will step you through the process.

How to Optimise Your LinkedIn Page for Leads

If you want to optimise your LinkedIn Page for leads, you need to optimise it for organic search. Organic is another name for “not paid”. There are three key things to pay attention to when setting up your Page, similar to setting up your LinkedIn Profile.

Cover Image Banner – this is your company billboard. It should grab attention and be clear about who your business will help. For your easy reference, the size is 1128 x 191pixels.

You can create your banner using the free tools of Canva.

Headline – Short, punchy and let people know what you do and who you do it for at a glance.

About – pack this with keywords. Then, consider who your ideal client you would like to attract, how you can solve their challenges, and what makes your business unique.

Setting up the Page may sound like a daunting task. However, it is worth mentioning that you can also hire Good Trading Co to do this for you if you need some help!

2. Creating a Personalised Call-to-Action Button that Reflects Your Business Goals

Often overlooked, the call-to-action button on your LinkedIn Page can help you drive potential business. You have the options of Contact Us, Learn More, Register, Sign Up and Visit Website. Make sure that the button you select aligns best with your business goals.

Custom Button Selection

You can change the button and link in line with your business goals. e.g. Use sign up to register for the newsletter, Contact Us – would be direct to this page on your Website, Learn More is less salesy.

3. Content Marketing Strategies You Can Utilise for Growing Your Audience on LinkedIn and Increase Conversions for Leads and Sales

LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for professionals and businesses. It is also an excellent place to promote your company’s content and products.

So what exactly should you do? First, you want to make sure that your posts are short and informative so that users will read them in full.

Essential to growing your Page followers on LinkedIn, it is crucial to post regularly, create quality content and engage in the network with others.

4. Share the latest updates in your business.

LinkedIn Company Pages are a great way to keep your customers engaged and up-to-date on what you have.

Some ways to increase engagement are asking questions, posting polls, or having contests. Another way is to create videos of your products and services.

Share what your business stands for that we can’t see in the corporate brochure or your website—the more humanised, the better the connection. Your business is more than a blog, and people need to see what makes it unique.

5. Use your LinkedIn Page to become the go-to industry authority and remain top of mind.

Use your LinkedIn Company Page to highlight your knowledge of the industry. What are the trends, key issues, regulatory changes, and impacts on supply? Be the source that people can refer to without having to search. Make life easy for your audience.

Posting content consistently is how you will remain fresh in their minds so that they will recall your business if the need arises.

6. Respond to questions and comments from potential customers.

Often overlooked, yet a critical part of the social selling process is to ensure that you are responding to any follower feedback on your posts. If structured correctly, a post should more often than not ask for input from the page followers.

Historically, LinkedIn Pages have been centred on content that talks to the audience rather than asking them to participate. So a simple fix is to end your post with a question.

It is vital to respond quickly to your potential customer feel like they are talking to a team that cares and not just a logo.

Your customer service experience starts with these interactions. Impress, and you are another step closer to a new sale. 

7. LinkedIn Company Pages Work 24/7.

A company page works for you 24/7 in generating awareness and increasing engagement among your target audience. It is not subject to lockdown restrictions, and your audience can consume at a time convenient to them which may not be the traditional 9-5 pm.

When you build a solid Company Page and post content consistently, you invest in an additional resource to help your sales team generate targeted warm leads. It will take some time to build, so don’t delay.

If you have been considering getting started on LinkedIn but have been avoiding it because you aren’t sure where to start, reach out to or

Good Trading Co offers LinkedIn Company Page Audit & Strategy sessions, training, and also you can outsource your LinkedIn Page Management.