100 of the Most Followed Companies on LinkedIn (2023)

It’s mind-blowing to think that Amazon, in first place on this list of “100 Most Followed Companies on LinkedIn”, has more Company Page followers than the population of Australia! Stop and think about that for a second. 

These LinkedIn Company Pages have significantly more followers than any individual LinkedIn member or even those seen as a LinkedIn influencers. The notable exception is Bill Gates, who has just under 35M followers. 

With more and more features coming through for LinkedIn Pages, now is the time for businesses to put resources and focus on their LinkedIn business page. 

57M LinkedIn Pages
LinkedIn Pages 1.5B Interactions

Close to 58 million LinkedIn Pages generate over 1.5 billion interactions per month. (Source: LinkedIn)

This list is not an exact list but rather a wide variety of industry Pages to give LinkedIn Page Administrators some inspiration as we know it can be daunting starting out. 

We also recommend you put together your own list for key LinkedIn Company Pages in your industry.

100 Most Followed Companies on LinkedIn

  1. Amazon (30.3M)
  2. Google (28.7M)
  3. LinkedIn (24.9M)
  4. Ted Conferences (23.4M)
  5. Microsoft (19.7M)
  6. Unilever (18.8M)
  7. Apple (18.6M)
  8. Forbes Magazine (18.2M)
  9. IBM (15.4M)
  10. LinkedIn News (15.0M)
  11. Nestle (14.6M)
  12. Harvard Business Review (14.2M)
  13. The Economist (13.2M)
  14. Tata Consultancy Services (12.7M)
  15. Deloitte (12.4M)
  16. Insider Business (11.4M)
  17. Tesla Motors (11.4M)
  18. Accenture (10.7M)
  19. Meta (9.9M)
  20. Netflix (9.8M)
  21. Wall St Journal (9.8M)
  22. Oracle (9.0M)
  23. Johnson & Johnson (8.5M)
  24. BBC News (8.3M)
  25. Amazon Web Services (8.2M)
  26. Ernst & Young (7.5M)
  27. Procter & Gamble (7.5M)
  28. Infosys (7.2M)
  29. Financial Times (7.1M)
  30. The New York Times (7.1M)
  31. Wipro (7.1M)
  32. Cognizant (6.4M)
  33. NASA (6.4M)
  34. Shell (6.4M)
  35. Fresher Jobs (6.0M)
  36. Cisco (5.9M)
  37. Capgemini (5.8M)
  38. LinkedIn News India (5.7M)
  39. Walt Disney (5.5M)
  40. Nike (5.4M)
  41. Pfizer (5.3M)
  42. Leadership First (5.2M)
  43. PWC (5.2M)
  44. World Health Organisation (5.2M)
  45. Nubank (5.1M)
  46. HCLTech (4.8M)
  47. LinkedIn Ads (4.7M)
  48. World Economic Forum (4.6M)
  49. L’Oreal (4.5M)
  50. Salesforce (4.5M)
  51. Tech Mahindra (4.5M)
  52. LinkedIn News Asia (4.4M)
  53. Ambev (4.3M)
  54. UNICEF (4.3M)
  55. Walmart (4.3M)
  56. Samsung Electronics (4.2M)
  57. Adobe (4.1M)
  58. Citi (4.1M)
  59. TotalEnergies (4.1M)
  60. Bloomberg News (4.0M)
  61. Ford Motor Company (3.9M)
  62. JPMorgan Chase & Co (3.9M)
  63. Goldman Sachs (3.8M)
  64. Work from Home / Fresher Jobs (3.7M)
  65. The Female Lead (3.6M)
  66. National Geographic (3.5M)
  67. Vale (3.5M)
  68. Flipkart (3.4M)
  69. Reliance Industries Limited (3.4M)
  70. Spotify (3.4M)
  71. SAP (3.2M)
  72. INC. Magazine (3.2M)
  73. CNBC (3.1M)
  74. Emirates (3.1M)
  75. Space X (3.0M)
  76. Tech Crunch (2.9M)
  77. ITC Limited (2.8M)
  78. The Economic Times (2.8M)
  79. Simon Sinek Inc (2.6M)
  80. Starbucks (2.6M)
  81. TikTok (2.5M)
  82. Time (2.5M)
  83. Air BnB (2.4M)
  84. Mondelez International (2.4M)
  85. Entrepreneur Media (2.3M)
  86. Louis Vuitton (2.3M)
  87. Harvard University (2.2M)
  88. Interesting Engineering (2.0M)
  89. McDonald’s (2.0M)
  90. YouTube (2.0M)
  91. Standard Chartered Bank (1.9M)
  92. Ferari (1.8M)
  93. Sephora (1.8M)
  94. Wired (1.8M)
  95. European Commission (1.7M)
  96. Washington Post (1.6M)
  97. European Leadership (1.6M)
  98. LinkedIn for Creators (1.5M)
  99. United Health Care (1.4M)
  100. OpenAI (1.4M)

Use these LinkedIn Company Pages as a Guide Only

The number of followers of these Pages should not be disheartening when you are just starting. Most are giant corporations that have an equally large number of employees. They have marketing budgets that most of us would only dream of across multiple channels. 

Instead, use the Pages to learn from. 

Find LinkedIn Company Pages on the list that relates to your industry. Then look at the type of content that resonates best with their audience. You can then apply this knowledge to your Page and test if it works. 

There is no guarantee that what works for them will work for you as you will have a unique set of followers, but it is an excellent place to start. 

Big isn't always better for LinkedIn Company Pages

It’s important to note that whilst they may be 100 of the most followed LinkedIn Company Pages; this doesn’t automatically mean they are all following best practices on LinkedIn. 

A lot of these Pages have the benefit of well-known brands off LinkedIn. However, the sheer number of employees can often mask these Company Page management oversights. 

Suppose you want to know the current best practice for LinkedIn Company Pages. In that case, we recommend buying a copy of the international best-selling book “Business Gold: Build Awareness, Authority and Advantage with LinkedIn Company Pages”. Buy here

Whether you have one Page follower or 25 million LinkedIn Company Page followers, the aim will always be to provide valuable content for your B2B community.  

In 2023, it is no longer an option for businesses to be invisible online. So, if your business can’t be found, it’s time to do something about it. We know that LinkedIn is the number one platform for professionals and B2B, and you are missing out on opportunities by not maximising your presence. 

The good news is – it’s never too late to start. 

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