Competition Getting to Opportunities First?

Are you missing out on business opportunities because your company and employees are invisible on LinkedIn?
  • You can’t work out where to start.
  • You don’t have the inclination or time to waste trying to work it all out. 
  • You have been active on LinkedIn but don’t have anything to show for it. 
  • You have no idea how to get employees active on LinkedIn.
  • You need help to narrow down your ideal customer.
Your competitors are getting a head start and you don’t want your business left behind. 


Good Attention = Good Opportunities

Top Of Mind

Never be forgotten again. Time for your business to stand out in the crowd.

First Choice

Your ideal client already trusts you and includes you in their plans.

Only Choice

Thriving business that gets the pick of opportunities.

Built on the Power of Synergy

LinkedIn Strategy Designed for Business

Michelle Raymond

Chief LinkedIn Strategist

When you own a small business, there is always a long to-do list and never enough time in a day to get it all done.

It can feel like you are spinning plates hoping that none smash. 

The clients I’ve worked with always arrive with a similar opening line “I know our business should be on LinkedIn BUT……”

The “but” is normally a lack of time or resources. Combine this with a fear of sales, a limited understanding of LinkedIn, and then the business remains digitally invisible.  

Recognised as the go-to global expert on LinkedIn Company Pages, I called on my two decades of high-level sales and leadership experience, including almost ten years of social selling on LinkedIn. I designed the G.T.C™️ LinkedIn B2B Strategy and training products to fast track your business success.

All products are designed to minimise effort and keep you focused on running your business by teaching you proven strategies to boost your brand awareness, attract the right opportunities and give your business a competitive advantage.  

Over time I’ve learnt that my gift is being able to research and present ideas to all levels of business in a way that will inspire business owners and their employees to take action. 


LinkedIn for Business Strategy That Works

At Good Trading Co, we know you are the kind of small business owner that wants to lead your industry.

You need a clear strategy to get real results on LinkedIn to do this.

The problem is you never seem to get around to it as time runs out, which makes you feel frustrated as you know you are missing out on opportunities for your business.

We believe there is already too much on a business owner’s plate, especially when starting. We understand it can be confusing and time-draining trying to work out what works best on LinkedIn for business.

We have researched for you, and here’s how the G.T.C™️ LinkedIn B2B method works – Game Plan, Tactical Analysis and Calibration.

So, business owners, you can stop feeling overwhelmed that you don’t get started on LinkedIn or stop getting frustrated. You aren’t seeing results and start to maximise the return on the time you invest in LinkedIn.


Here's what our clients have to say...

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The best day to start is today.